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Public Transportation..that is why I left the wine country where my husband and I had lived for almost 25 years and returned to our urban roots where there was public transportation. True living in the wine country was beautiful, we had made many friends and certainly took the opportunity to explore all the cultural events that happened. In addition we were very involved as active volunteers in programs and non-profits that interested us.

However, as the highway became more crowded, as my husband started to have vision issues the lure of public transportation and two adult daughters living in an urban setting lured us. We cheerfully downsized from 4 acres and slots of outbuildings for “stuff” and a dramatic home with a view and a wood stove to a smaller  home that had heat at a push of a button and was walking distance from our daughters. We quickly found many cultural events we could attend and volunteer for, easy access with our daughters and grandson…and public transportation at a discount for seniors(!) that we use frequently. I never looked back. [Please leave a comment here.]

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