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I’ve been fortunate to travel a good deal over the years.  This is one of the areas of memory that appears to be more intact than others.  Over the last 8 years, the most pleasurable and memorable trips have been the ones that have involved the whole family.  When our twin grandchildren, Emma and Jacob, were four years old they, with their parents, their aunt and her friend, and our French cousin, all stayed in a little house in the south of France (Port Grimaud) on a lovely vacation.  At that time, playing on the beach, “fishing” with a branch and string from our little boatless dock, hearing another language spoken  by everyone else, and learning to love croissants and cheeses were lovely experiences.  I do remember Jake sighing on his return to California:  “Back to bagels” when he couldn’t get croissants that tasted like the ones in France.


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