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Broaden your outlook as you grow older. Go climb a tree.  Experience a new viewpoint.  When I turned age 60, we lived in Africa.  I climbed high up a marula tree and had a photo taken.  I then sent it to my children with the promise that every 10 years, I would again climb a tree.  When I became 70, I climbed a tree back home in Bluffton, Ohio. It was not quite as high as the African tree, but again, I had my photo taken for the family.  At age 80, we were visiting a friend on a lake in Michigan. I climbed a tree outside their cabin. Well, anyway, I stepped about a foot and a half off the ground into a fork in one of their trees, hung on with each arm around one of the trunks, smiled, and my husband took a photo.  Now at age 90, I went out to a tree near my Maple Crest retirement apartment. It was about 3 feet high, given to me by the Medical College of Ohio in thanks for the donation of my deceased husband’s body.  With the help of the arms on my walker, I stood up and, you guessed it.  I lifted one foot and put it ON the tree, fulfilling my promise to “climb” a tree every 10 years. My daughter, Greta, took the picture.  When I turn 100 years of age? Maybe I will be planted UNDER a tree. (more…)

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