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I enjoyed reading all of the wonderful tributes to moms. I have a mother who is 88 and going strong. I love her dearly and care for her with whatever support she needs. However my mom was not there for me during the most important years when a daughter needs her mother most — ages nine through fifteen.

I was raised at that time by my grandmothers. They tried their best to nurture and guide me but the generational differences between a 13 year old and grandparents in their 60’s caused a giant disconnect. At that time I lived with my dad and three brothers, I was a bit of a tomboy and gravitated to more masculine interests. Like listening to a transistor radio and playing sports. Those two things have helped my find my way through life. (more…)

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While I love each and every topic ElderChicks tackles, the topic this month is especially interesting since it includes me, a so-called “younger chick.”  I am the daughter of one of the founding ElderChicks, Thelma Reese.

About six months ago Thelma and her friend, Bobby Fleisher, mentioned that they were thinking of starting a blog.  They envisioned a website where women like themselves could read, write and observe how other similarly aged women were living through their retirement years, some with vigor, some with weariness, and most with an insatiable curiosity about how other women their age were coping. (more…)

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