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I am a 69 year old retired English teacher and special ed teacher.  I have always read. My favorite book is Moby Dick, which I re-read from time to time.  I think my second favorite is Poisonwood Bible, by Kingsolver.  It is so rich in character and description.  Recently I have read The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which I loved.  I have read it 3 times for the beauty alone. I have read All of the Shopaholic Series by Kinsella.  The characters are delightful.  The stories engross me. I think they are a little like soap operas, but funnier. I am starting to read books on the Harlem Renaissance.  I hope to teach a mini course on this often forgotten glorious movement in American arts.  I do need more suggestions.

I like books in which characters develop and grow. I love books that are beautfully written, like “The Postmistress.” I don’t think my taste in fiction has changed that much, but I have become interested in books about healthy aging. [Please comment here.]

By Peg Murphy

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