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We’re in front of a classroom of 10 year olds singing Three Blind Mice off key in English. The kids giggle at the strange sounds and respond by singing a song in Chinese, also off key.  It doesn’t matter. We’re all having such a good time!

I am at a small village school near Yangshuo, China, giving an English lesson. A notice posted in our hotel invited travelers in the area to go to the village school to teach English while visiting in Yangshuo. Jane and I decided this would be fun. The school is a half hour walk from the hotel and one of the employees offered to take us on her day off. We wandered through villages and farms, arrived at the school, met the principal, and now we are in the classroom. The children’s workbooks are on their desks and they proudly and loudly recite their English lesson. Not very content with the rote nature of the lesson, Jane and I break into charades, songs, and little games –an obvious departure from the way their lessons are usually taught. They love it! Here I am teaching and here is Jane making friends with her students. (more…)

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