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I got an e-mail this morning. It seems that a James Masters wants to be my Facebook friend. I had to think for a second and then I remember that I knew a Skip Masters back in Southern Regional High School. They say that you never forget your first of anything. First kiss, first – whatever.

Well Skip Masters was my first – whatever. He was also the first guy to stand me up for my high school prom. But I guess that would be an oxymoron because your high school prom comes only once and you can never have a second first. But anyway, I thought, if it is that James Masters, why would he want to be my friend? And, more importantly, why in the world would I want to be his friend. (more…)

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This photo was taken as we celebrated our common 75th birthday. So this is what 75 years look like on my Philadelphia friends.  We all graduated from high school together.  Some have known each other since the 3rd grade and proved it by bringing in the class photo of that year.  I have known them since Junior High School.  As we age, we get closer. That’s a really good thing.  [Please leave a comment here.]

“When you get to be my age, you’ll understand” — Said by all mothers at some time

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Sixty years ago this month, I was one of 150 white-gowned girls carrying red roses and singing “Hail, All Hail,” at the commencement of the Philadelphia High School for Girls.

Girls’ High girls felt pretty special.  We attended an all-academic 4-year one sex school, so academic that no courses in typing or shorthand were offered; they were for schools with a “commercial” curriculum, not for the college bound.  (What were they thinking?  Didn’t anyone in the administration realize both skills would be useful in college?!) (more…)

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