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My mother – daughter story has to begin with my mother and me. My mother was a very pretty woman with many wonderful talents for which she was admired.  When people first met her they were intrigued by the vast amount of knowledge she had about so many things as well as the beauty of everything that she made.  But their interest soon waned since she aways had to be right and there was only one way, hers.  As a result she never had friends and her relationship with her mother was also very terrible. (more…)

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I’ve been thinking about change as opposed to CHANGE, the transformative kind where your life is never the same from that instant on. Fortunately that kind of change doesn’t happen very often because who could manage life on such a roller coaster.

Transformative changes are of two kinds. The first kind you know is happening when it happens. Like when you get married or find out that you have a chronic disease. For good or ill, you know your life will never be the same from then on. The second kind of transformative change is the kind you only recognize when you look back, sometimes way back, and you realize only in retrospect that your life had taken a new direction from that time on.

A transformative change of the second kind came to me one day when I was the parent of three young children, still a stay-at home mom as most of us were in the early nineteen sixties. I was probably a bit cranky that day, pulled as usual in many directions: getting the kids ready for school, fixing lunches, planning dinner, attending a PTA committee meeting, making phone calls for the upcoming election, taking the car in for its annual inspection. And that was just during the morning! I knew I had to fit in time to phone my mother. I hadn’t phoned her for two days so I knew I had to deal with the guilt trip she would lay on me when she answered the phone. (more…)

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