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I am past wanting to read “fluff” about a protagonist with a 22 inch waist and perky bosom.  Bores me to tears.  Perhaps because I have had romance in the past, but none now, I don’t want to hear about the perfect romance.  What I enjoy most at this point are action adventure novels by people like Lee Child or Harlan Coban.  These books keep me guessing and bring some “excitement” into my life.    I also really enjoy books like “Eat, Pray, Love”.  There are certain books that really have an impact on your life if read when you are going through a life transition.  I read another one recently that I really enjoyed called “The Help.”  That book really touched my heart.

Initially, I was really wanting to get a Kindle and still think it’s a really neat way to be able to purchase and begin reading a book without ever leaving your easy chair, but now I am not so sure.  I like to take a nice bubble bath and read in the tub and I just can’t see taking the risk of using a Kindle that way.  (Talk about bursting your bubble if it inadvertantly takes a dip!)

I tend to stick with paperbooks.  They tend to be cheaper in price, I can recycle them to other readers and if they get a little wet in the tub, no harm, no foul! [Please leave a comment here.]

By Kathy O’Doud

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You think this is easy?  This daily reinventing

that I might catch the driverless

coach and find a seat?  The cosmic joke,

another in a humorless series, is that working is

work and not is bliss.  A lie of the patent variety.

Remember the New Yorker cartoon?

Failure: the bum on a desert isle.

Success: the man behind a desk.

Failure failed to show the effort

in not showing up.  Success is a snap. (more…)

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My high school English teacher let her students know that any time you were without a book was a wasted moment in your life. I am her best disciple.  I will not walk to work, wait for a bus, be in line at the post office (you get the idea) without my i-Pod and the 60-hour Dickens opus.  My current world is “Our Mutual Friend,” downloaded from Audible.com, and being read by one actor who has at least fifty distinctive character voices.

If you see someone almost walking into a car, but laughing, it’s because you’ve seen me cross the street while Mr. Micawber is sharing his financial wisdom, or Pip’s sister is explaining her child-rearing philosophy to her more lenient husband Joe. (more…)

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