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A long time ago, I realized that one of the reasons I loved traveling was that I had very few things with me – fewer clothes, shoes, make-up, etc.  I liked the freedom that I felt having fewer “things” with me.

When my husband and I decided it was time to move, it was easy.  I made piles of things that we wanted to donate and  had one garage sale.  I used one of our bedrooms as a “give away room” and invited our friends to take whatever they wanted.  Also any visitors always had to take something with them when they left.  The hardest thing to dispose were the countless photos.  So, I made 4 piles – one for us and one for each of our 3 children.  I saw no reason why they also couldn’t have photos of our many friends.  They will appreciate having them after we are gone. I gave away all my “every day” dishes and glasses and now use all the ones I had at one time saved for “company.”

I now regularly go through clothes, paper “stuff”, books and donate whatever I can.  However, there are a couple of things that I feel I must continue to have – an ongoing collection of pop-up books and art related books.

The end result is that I no longer feel “owned” by my “stuff” and feel much more in control and happier with my new surroundings. [Please leave a comment here.]

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My husband , Willi, and I  had been comfortably living in a villa in a golf course community in SW Florida….he in early nineties,  I , early eighties and our 2 year old poodle. We had no thoughts of living elsewhere until I saw, while driving around in our neighborhood,  a senior facility under construction with an interesting name …..the Desoto Beach Club.  Knowing we were nowhere near a beach, I just had to drive in to see the alleged beach. I saw lots of trees, wetlands, early construction…no beach. Now really curious I entered the construction trailer to check  out “what’s going on.”

“Checking out” the blueprints of this 3 story, 114 apartments  building, I  noticed a 2 bedroom, 2 bath , first floor, in the rear apartment …next to the pool and gardens…and they allowed dogs. (more…)

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Are you ready to give up your home for a smaller place to live? Do you long to move to the city so you can walk to all those places you love to spend your time now that you have plenty of it? Are you ready for less stuff to dust? Are you overwhelmed by a lifetime of belongings that seem to be possessing you rather than the other way around? Are you faced with a spouse that resists giving up his garden, his barcalounger, and a gazillion slides that no one wants to look at again?

Well, a lot of us ElderChicks would like to deal with these issues. But the dreaded thought of downsizing is usually enough to send us to the couch with a case of extreme vapors. (more…)

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