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While I love each and every topic ElderChicks tackles, the topic this month is especially interesting since it includes me, a so-called “younger chick.”  I am the daughter of one of the founding ElderChicks, Thelma Reese.

About six months ago Thelma and her friend, Bobby Fleisher, mentioned that they were thinking of starting a blog.  They envisioned a website where women like themselves could read, write and observe how other similarly aged women were living through their retirement years, some with vigor, some with weariness, and most with an insatiable curiosity about how other women their age were coping. (more…)

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My friend Marylen Oberman and I are volunteer mentors of teenage girls at a middle school in Florida. These are girls who have lots of anxiety in their lives, very little privilege –and more school “issues” than most. It’s not that they think their lives are tougher than other kids’ lives. It’s that they don’t often know another way that life can be.

The girls sought us out. Mentors were offered to them by a psychologist at the school, during school time, in a one-on-one situation. We are not there to tutor, nag, or judge their behavior. We are not there to tell them to go to school, do their homework, and play nice. We are there to be trusted, stable adults in their often chaotic and incomprehensible lives. So what do you talk about with an African-American teenager when you are a white grandmother wintering comfortably in Florida? (more…)

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