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I’ve always marched to my own drummer, and at the ripe old age of 13 had decided my life’s goal was to work hard and save my money until I was 30, then “take my retirement out of the middle”….retire for 10 years, then go back to work until I died.  Thirty was, of course, a completely unrealistic age, but after a 20+ year crazy, hectic career as a municipal bond trader and underwriter, at 43 years old I did just that.  I retired.

I had bought and renovated a neglected little row house with 3 tiny apartments in it on a couple years earlier with the hope that it would help to supplement the savings I planned to live off of during my retirement years.  I didn’t anticipate that the majority of my renters would be University of the Arts students who would move every year and who, quite frankly, could accomplish no greater domestic task than changing a light bulb, and I frequently even get calls with questions about those “complicated” energy savings bulbs. (more…)

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