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The subject of downsizing is one I have been involved with over the years, certainly.  My parents moved from a house to an apartment, from an apartment to a smaller one (my mother) and then to a nursing home.  At each time, of course, there were decisions to be made.  But the interesting thing is that as I contemplate retirement (I am hoping to retire next June at the end of the school year), I want to see what I am going to do next.  And I am planning on beginning a business that helps people organize any aspect of their life (mostly places in their homes, I hope) and help people make decisions about downsizing – what will make you happy to have, and what will make you happy to NOT have.

People have always asked me if I would be willing to come to their homes and help them organize.  My response has always been, yes, but I am not emotionally attached to anything in your home, so you might not be happy with my suggestions.  In fact, some of my friends get nervous when I am around (my friend Bernie was waiting breathlessly for me to leave on my one and only trip to his home.  We are still good friends, but he’s happy he doesn’t live nearby). (more…)

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