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My Aunt Lil and her husband George were Life Master Bridge players who pleaded with me to learn to play the game and I, being the busy wife playing house and raising three children, had no desire to learn Bridge. Years after my aunt and uncle passed away and I retired from my job as an employment counselor placing people in permanent office positions, I decided to learn to play Bridge. I have never played cards, with the exception of War and Fish with my grandchildren. So I started taking lessons about six years ago and realized that I would have to take lessons (and repeat them) for the rest of my life.  If I live a very long life, I may learn to play the game properly. It’s a wonderful game, stimulating and fun, unless you play with grouchy, cruel, people who never smile. My husband and I argue often (I say “black” and he says “white”), but he doesn’t play Bridge. Probably that’s why we continue to be happy together after fifty-three years. The good thing about Bridge is that I never trip or fall when I play. But that’s another story. (more…)

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