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The Mature Daughter Writes:
With my mother beside me in the car, I was pulling up to a parking spot at a local grocery store . We were routinely shopping for food and then going on  to have a fun-lunch . The car easing out of the spot into which I was parking, was driven by a woman about my age. Her passenger was clearly, her mom. They were both eating ice-cream cones. Our eyes met, we looked away, and then they met again. She pulled out and rolled down her window. With a smile and a twinkle in her eye she said” We’re in the same boat.” “Yes,” I replied,” but you are eating ice cream!”

I see more and more of such dyads- adult daughter and older mother- sharing  time as  they go about their normal every day life tasks… doing things together. As we are living longer, both mothers and daughters are dealing more and more with issues of aging- ranging from health care to life style changes and all the attendant emotional colors.  Perhaps  I am so keenly aware of this  because I myself am so involved in my mother-daughter relationship at this point in my life. I seem to see myself and my mom on the street, in restaurants, at doctor’s offices! (more…)

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The sudden, loud creak startled me. I was alone in the house, save for my dog and 2 cats. The dog lying prone on the floor, feet running, chasing some elusive creature in her dreams I guess. One cat happily ensconced on the back of the recliner and the other on the floor attending to her nightly ablutions. They hadn’t moved or even lifted a head to investigate the sound. Surely they heard it. Not much escapes an animal’s keen senses, especially their hearing.

Oh well, I consoled myself. It’s probably just the floorboards creaking in our old nineteenth century farmhouse. But there! There it is again. I hear it with almost every move. Strangely there is still no reaction from the dog and cats. And it definitely is not the floorboards.

As I reach down to pick up Miss Kitty who has now finished her grooming ritual, I hear it again. This time the painful truth slaps me upside my head. This is no ordinary creaking sound. These are not floorboards creaking. Truth be known, the noise isn’t even that loud. (more…)

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