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I am past wanting to read “fluff” about a protagonist with a 22 inch waist and perky bosom.  Bores me to tears.  Perhaps because I have had romance in the past, but none now, I don’t want to hear about the perfect romance.  What I enjoy most at this point are action adventure novels by people like Lee Child or Harlan Coban.  These books keep me guessing and bring some “excitement” into my life.    I also really enjoy books like “Eat, Pray, Love”.  There are certain books that really have an impact on your life if read when you are going through a life transition.  I read another one recently that I really enjoyed called “The Help.”  That book really touched my heart.

Initially, I was really wanting to get a Kindle and still think it’s a really neat way to be able to purchase and begin reading a book without ever leaving your easy chair, but now I am not so sure.  I like to take a nice bubble bath and read in the tub and I just can’t see taking the risk of using a Kindle that way.  (Talk about bursting your bubble if it inadvertantly takes a dip!)

I tend to stick with paperbooks.  They tend to be cheaper in price, I can recycle them to other readers and if they get a little wet in the tub, no harm, no foul! [Please leave a comment here.]

By Kathy O’Doud

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