AVOIDANCE is my answer to keep the darkness from my door. I use to wake up to the morning news until it became constant BAD NEWS. Someone once told me bad news sells. Really? I know people that have stopped watching the news for that very reason. I do not need that constant negativity in my life. Even under Russia’s invasion, which is a horror, so many people have reached out to help the Ukrainian people. A light in that darkness. In whatever disaster, so many UNSUNG caring people are always ready to help. THAT is my news heard on talk shows, etc.

My home ( a very small condo) has become my sanctuary. A place of comfort and light. A place to write, dance, sing (off key), enjoy time with my friends and grandson and I refuse to let CONSTANT negativity in my home. COVID was enough.

At 75 I am nearing that final EXIT door, and I intend to enjoy whatever time I have left on planet earth, which, for me, is starting the day without negativity. I have traded that morning news for a muffin and tea, which makes me much happier.

I remember vividly when breaking news was delivered on the three networks and we received the news on the radio and from our daily local newspaper. The national news was, for the most part, shared by the majority of the population. Choices abound today. Every niche seems to be available. New sources and even new media bombard our senses.

How are you handling the news these days? Reading a daily newspaper? (Local or national?) Watching cable or network tv?

How are Pandemic-borne changes and the explosion of news and news sources affecting your life? Is avoidance an answer?  

Please let’s remember we’re in this together, and share your thoughts right here.

Am I the only one that misses cards? I turned 75 this month and woke up to 6 birthday emails. Please do not txt I should be lucky to be remembered, etc., this is my grumble. Cards too expensive? Walmart has $1.00 cards. Stamps can now be mailed. I buy my cards through Amazon. Am I hanging onto an old habit? Maybe, but this cannot be blamed on the pandemic. It happened BEFORE the pandemic. Did I grumble all day. NO WAY. I appreciated my flowers and gifts, and who has not chuckled over, ” Let’s celebrate later,” or my favorite, “I’ll be over with your gift.” And that was how many days ago? That night as I blasted Bruce Springsteen and danced like I was 20, I resolved to keep up my relationship with Hallmark.

My fondest memories of childhood were when our family lived on a large dairy farm (we rented a house there). I was surrounded by tons of open space, and animals. We had dogs and cats and even a couple of goats. And I was lucky to have a horse. I spent my summer days caring for the animals, but also riding out to parts unknown. There were only back country roads, and it was safe to ride alone. I feel bad for the kids of today who are stuck to their screens and now, with COVID, aren’t able to spend a lot of time with their friends. I’m a true believer that being outdoors in the fresh and and being around animals are a great way for kids to grow up. Even the hard work is beneficial! And getting dirty is a good thing!