Made Me Laugh by Kathy

Just had a visit from out great niece and her 19 month old boy! Made me laugh and smile all weekend. Timing was perfect because funeral mass for my 96 year old momma was on October 28. And today is her 97 birthday in heaven. 


My husband and I kept walking-off with one another’s reading glasses, unaware that each of us was going crazy trying to find where we last had them. The frames looked very similar but the strength differed. Our solution was to paint mine with a bright red spot.  But this didn’t happen until we had a number of mix-ups and laughs. I can’t say this whether will last, in fact we still easily grab the most accessible pair when we need to read something. He’s more guilty than I. Well, maybe. I can’t remember…

I’m known for this. A thought comes in my mind, and out my mouth it comes, appropriate or not. Last Thursday I had an appointment with a new Internist, close to my new residence in Paul’s Run, a senior living community in NE Philadelphia. (I made this decision to move from a condo home I love, to be closer to my daughter and newly married granddaughter who both live in NE Philly.) I’m waiting for the new female physician to come in. When she comes in, I can hardly believe my eyes. This, verbatim, is what came out of my mouth:

“Oh! You are so young! I’m delighted!!! You are not going to die, retire, or start thinking of retirement on me!!!!”

We got off to a very good start.

Two Friends: My memory is so bad! How bad is it? How bad is what?

Man at the Bottom of the Stairs: Now, am I going upstairs for something I forgot, or have I just come down?

Admit it, these rate at least a chuckle. And even a chuckle lifts the mood. These days for some of us, laughter is in shorter supply than toilet paper was in the early days of the pandemic. Let’s help each other: Tell us what is making you laugh out loud these days. Something you’ve read? Watched? Listened to? Yourself? What tickles your funnybone? That is one part of a human being that keeps working when all else fails. What makes you smile, chuckle, or laugh out loud? Feel free to share a joke! Tell us here.
By the way, have a happy Thanksgiving. Spread the laughter!