I have loved all three seasons of the Danish series Borgen on Netflix. One review stated: “One Good Thing: A Danish drama perfect for political devotees. Borgen is like an Aaron Sorkin show that acknowledges the problems with centrism.” I also love cozy mysteries like Louise Penny’s wonderful series. Now that the weather is getting better I will make myself take a walk each day! We will prevail!!

I have been reading a lot and then took an interest in writing and submitting to contests again as a lark, but was humbled that one of my stories was published in the Feb/Mar 2021 Reminisce Magazine. Also I am a disabled Veteran and before Covid was honored with 108 other Vets on an “Honor Flight” for the day. As the day closed we were presented with envelopes from well wishers. Last week I sat down and wrote Thinking of You cards to all 40 names on my list as well as went through my address book and wrote Hello letters to everyone listed. If I get responses it will be a blessing and if not, prayers are sent their way…a win win situation in which I get to safely mingle in spite of Covid. This motivation has made my quiet days seem more hopeful. I pass peace to all of the ladies here too.

I have been listening to the operas that the Met streams starting every night. One starts at 7:30PM and goes until 6:30PM the next evening. I usually listen to the first couple of acts in the evening and then spend a lovely part of the next day watching the rest and of course, enjoying the curtain calls. These operas are ones recorded in the mid-eighties with Pavarotti and into the 2019 season. I hear the ‘oldies-but-goodies’ as well as contemporary operas and ones that less well known to me. All free. Google Met… live stream.

I’m re- reading all the books I have saved over the years because I felt they had become best friends and had changed my life in some way. I didn’t learn how to read until the 5th grade–I had a teacher tumble to it and got me into a special class and after I got the hang of reading-I have never stopped….May Sarton, Annie Dillard, Linda Hogan, Dorothy Sullivan, Tasha Tudor’s children’s books, Bill Bryson (naughty and funny) Gladys Taber’s Stillmeadow series, and many many more that I can’t remember right now. I have been surrounded by books since the 5th grade-a retired librarian now…and I will be forever grateful to the teacher who changed my life in ways he will never know.