Although I am constantly cognizant of the sadness over loss of life, health concerns and food crises, I can easily focus on the good that has emerged since last March. A few examples:
1. Reconnecting with friends and neighbors; letting them know they matter and I appreciate and value them.
2. Clearing clutter (attic, garage, files, etc.). It’s never-ending but good to launch
3. Reorganizing, repurposing rooms
4. Taking stock of what’s important and staying with priorities
5. Connecting with essential workers and thanking them for their service (mail carrier, trash collectors, etc.
6. Sending meals & snacks to local nursing home staff

I definitely see the benefit of focusing on the good we found in 2020, and there certainly was much good to focus on in my life. There have also been challenges, living alone, and I think it is ok to acknowledge those also.

So, with that acknowledgement … onto the GOOD.

1. I got laid off from work, which prompted me to start the Hey, Boomer live show. This show has been such a blessing into my life and it never would have happened without the pandemic and being laid off. 🙂
2. My sister and brother-in-law both got Coronavirus 19 and fortunately, they both recovered.
3. I did connect with my best friend from high school. We had lost touch and I had been trying to find her for years. That was truly a pleasure to connect with her again.
4. I have met the most amazing, inspiring people through Zoom and because of my show. I met Thelma and found ElderChicks.
5. I had time to maintain my vegetable garden and that was fun.
6. My 90 year old mother is happy and healthy with her new husband. They were married 2 years ago and thank god they have each other during this pandemic.

Although this was a difficult year in so many ways, it also had its golden moments. Here are some of the new things that came out of 2020 for me:

– I learned to cut my own hair
– I started a writers’ group, which I continue to co-facilitate with another writer, and it is a wonderful group
– I joined a group of bloggers and we meet weekly on Zoom to share the highlights and troubles of each week, and to discuss a topic of the week
– I started to care for my two grandchildren twice a week so that my daughter could enter a Master’s program
– I completed a novel, which I am now in the process of trying to publish

I have just discovered your blog, and I will be back again!

Here’s the good I discovered in my nine months — so far — of isolating at home.

1) I can still sew, and I like doing it more than I remembered. Made and donated many masks, as well as three quilts.
2) I can cook dinners night after night if necessary, and trying new recipes actually energizes me. Buying a dutch oven early in the pandemic prompted me to try making no-knead artisan boules. Easy and delicious!
3) I can keep my short story discussion group going on zoom, so we’ve met twice a month without interruption and have read some terrific stories.
4) I can find and practice new and challenging exercise videos on YouTube.
5) I can continue my volunteer tutoring of ESL students on zoom, meeting more often than we did at the library pre-pandemic. Their progress is inspiring.
6) I can cope with the depressing national news and ever-present worries about the pandemic better by doing all of the above.

Wishing everyone good health and brighter days in 2021.