I am widow, 70 years old and trying to sort through slides of my married life. Husband died 2005. I had an epiphany today. Get rid of them. No one cares about those memories. Is this something we seniors all reach as a breaking point and give up saving photos which no one really cares about?

Please, oh please, keep ElderChicks going! I look forward to every post, to hear from my peers who are traversing these older years with style and authenticity. And guided by you, Thelma, a person of great integrity who leads the way for us on our sometimes bumpy paths. Here’s to another five years at least!

I hope that you don’t mean it, Thelma. Your post really upset me. I know that I rarely write anything, but I do read everything. It has become a part of my life. So please, please don’t end it. And a very happy birthday to you. Mine was this past Wednesday- 84 years old!!

My dear Thelma, do you honestly think that anyone will let you get away with not publishing the monthly blog? You might have to wait until you reach 100 – then we can make an honest decision.

In the meantime, follow my “golden rule” as you see below…..love that you do what you do!……Elena

“When I can, I will. When I can’t, I won’t. But, I am so glad that I did when I could.”