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Life Lessons

Take a few minutes to hear Thelma’s recent radio broadcast with Rick Tocquigny is on this very topic. What do you think? What are we losing?

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A Lost Art by Jean

cursiveI just found a bunch of handwritten letters in my basement (from Vietnam) and it occurred to me that it won’t be long before they’ll have to have specialists to read cursive writing. They don’t teach it in schools anymore and I was at a shower recently when the bride-to-be handed a card to her friend and said, “I can’t read cursive. What does this say?”

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geneologyI do still write in my own handwriting which is not as consistent or neat these days. I suppose from lack of practice. I am able to organize my thoughts better from hand to pen to paper. I find it inconceivable that children are not being taught cursive as much in the public schools any longer. Who would ever have thought that handwriting would become an ancient language…sigh. Now you can have your handwriting converted to a font for your computer. Handwriting evolves. As a genealogist, I read old documents and record clues and transcribe for future generations. The handwriting and language in those documents is frequently beautiful but difficult to read until you become accustomed to the writers style. My oldest granddaughter is 11. She doesn’t know what cursive is.

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Old LettersI totally agree! I think about this so much these days, especially since I just turned 80. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I LOVE being a part of the technology age with my iPhone and iPad and computer. But I do lament the fact that we don’t express ourselves today as well or in longhand as we once did. I much prefer to use the keyboard because my handwriting is not as good anymore. I love to write and I believe I think better with a keyboard at my fingertips. It is, however, getting to the point where it’s an oddity to receive a note in a physical mailbox and, heaven help, a handwritten letter is out of the question.

I don’t know what we can do about it because our youth live such a fast-paced life. And in their later life, what will they cherish like I cherish finding a packed-away letter written so beautifully by my mother–maybe because of practicing all those o’s and slanted strokes. Her handwriting was flawless, but in the long run, I suppose what means the most is the wisdom she imparted.

So, perhaps we shift our thinking to what youth today have to offer rather than how they offer it. Nothing, though, keeps us from reminiscing and appreciating life as we knew it way back when.

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