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Women’s rights. I just read the obituary of a fabulous woman. A medical doctor who was at work every morning,who birthed and raised eleven children, and who cooked perfect sunnyside up eggs for her husband before she left for work. The husband, also a pathologist, born and raised in Cuba, had a girlfriend on the side, definitely a custom for wealthy Cuban men in Cuba. Molly, however, was born and raised in Pottsville, Pa. Perhaps if she had lived in Cuba, her married life would have been a happier life, although she was always smiling, generous, and courteous, and seemed happy. The point of this remembering is she was so ahead of her time in so many ways and yet not ahead of her time .

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It is indeed a truism: “Woman’s work is never done.” At least for this woman. It isn’t done because I simply don’t do it. Oh, let me amend that–I do what I need to do: clean the bathroom, kitchen, dispose of the kitties’ litter each morning and evening, and make the bed sometime during the day. Now, why do I do that? Make the bed, I mean. I’m only going to unmake it when I go to bed at night. Same thing with the dishes. They get dirty; I wash them, and then they get dirty again. And we do know about laundry, don’t we, ladies? I put off doing any work as long as I can. I still have things to be ironed in my basket from 1959. A few of my ex-husband’s shirts, size three and one outfits from my sons (yes, I did iron them in the past), and a size 4 pair of slacks of mine (OMG! Was I ever that small?).

I’m still working on my dissertation even though I passed the defense of it in 1982, and I suspect it is archived in some microfilm form somewhere. It took me almost ten years to finish the research for it, and then I still had more I could do. I have seven books, three plays, several poems, and heaven knows how many letters to various editors of newspapers and ex-lovers (hah!) on my computer. They’re not done. My paintings from thirty or more years ago are hanging on my walls–I never really finished them. Tomorrow and tomorrow . . . I’ll finish whatever tomorrow. I am going to play Words with Friends now, and I rarely get to finish a game because my opponents finish first. Have a good …

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