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FairchildVolunteer where you enjoy doing it. Otherwise, don’t volunteer. One of the pleasures of not getting paid for your efforts is the ability to pick and choose. I owned and ran a successful public relations company for many years and didn’t “love” all my clients, but did love the retainer fees they paid me. In business you learn to put up with a lot of stuff. Now retired, I truly do love my volunteer work that ranges from serving as a docent at the wonderful Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to working with blind children at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. If you feel your leadership skills are going to waste, volunteer somewhere else. There are endless organizations that will appreciate your services.

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Volunteering. I have found in the past 25+ years since I retired that volunteering is a great way to interact with many people, of many ages. I have aactively volunteered in issues I was excited about…and you know what? You will meet others who share your interests. Over the years I havd volunteered in issues from health to music and the arts and have met some terrific people doing so. I strongly believe that if you don’t need to work you owe the community you hav chosen to live in, your energies.

I’m off to work at a Festival on the 4th of July.

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During World War II, over 250,000 young men learned to read in Special Training Units in the Army. One of the resources used to teach reading was a newspaper, Our War, which was published monthly from June 1942 through September 1945. Each issue of Our War included a cartoon strip about Private Pete and his buddy, Daffy. The February, 1944 issue discussed Valentine’s Day. It has a message pertinent to today’s times and circumstances. Following is a synopsis of the strip:

Our War, February 1944, Private Pete: Cupid Goes to War

The strip opens with a panel showing Private Pete and his buddy Daffy standing outside the Post Exchange.

Daffy says, “Pete, I think I’ll buy some valentines, will you help me?”  Pete says, “Well!! What’s up? Who is he?”

Daffy: “ I need one for Mary Lou. And that girl I met at the U. S.O. dance. And one for your mother, too.”

Later, Pete and Daffy get back to the Day Room where they see Joe making some valentines. Joe draws a picture of Cupid and Daffy says, “What’s cupid doing with the bow and arrow?” Pete says, “He shoots people full of love with his arrows.”

On Valentine’s Day, Pete and Daffy got a valentine from Pete’s Mom which said:

“Dear Pete and Daffy: Today we want to show our love for you, as you are showing your love for your Country. Think of us while you are eating my cookies and the fudge Sis made for you. – Mom”

Pete says: “Now that we’ve read Mom’s letter, how about reading yours from Mary Lou?”

Mary Lou’s valentine said:“Here’s taffy for Daffy on Valentine’s Day. How much we all love him is too hard to say. – Mary Lou”

Then Daffy opens a valentine with a picture of Cupid wearing a soldier’s uniform and holding a gun. Pete says, “Cupid does a lot for our country, too.” And Daffy replies, “ I sure am glad Cupid’s in the Army now.”

Send a Valentine to those in harm’s way serving our Nation in distant lands today!

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Public Transportation..that is why I left the wine country where my husband and I had lived for almost 25 years and returned to our urban roots where there was public transportation. True living in the wine country was beautiful, we had made many friends and certainly took the opportunity to explore all the cultural events that happened. In addition we were very involved as active volunteers in programs and non-profits that interested us.

However, as the highway became more crowded, as my husband started to have vision issues the lure of public transportation and two adult daughters living in an urban setting lured us. We cheerfully downsized from 4 acres and slots of outbuildings for “stuff” and a dramatic home with a view and a wood stove to a smaller  home that had heat at a push of a button and was walking distance from our daughters. We quickly found many cultural events we could attend and volunteer for, easy access with our daughters and grandson…and public transportation at a discount for seniors(!) that we use frequently. I never looked back. [Please leave a comment here.]

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