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I went to a one room school. Teacher taught all eight grades. On Valentine’s Day she would have us make Valentine’s for our parents — out of page glue, doilies, and construction paper. Great memory. I also like the smell of white page glue!

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Valentine’s Day. I just had this conversation with a co-teacher who is totally excited about the day. Valentine Day just never pulled at my heart strings as a romantic day. The commercialism? Maybe. Years back walking and holding hands with someone I loved was my best Valentine’s gift or later picking out school Valentines with my sons and making heart shaped cookies that we all decorated made my day. Not so much that heart shaped box of chocolates! But after reading this article, while in line for my COVID shot, I will think of that needle as Valentine’s cupid’s ping that will keep me alive and well. Thank you for bringing up fond memories.

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Valentine’s Day has always been a very special day for me. My first child, my beautiful, talented daughter was born on Valentine’s Day. Her birth was a gift far greater than flowers and chocolates (which are also very welcome).

She did not always appreciate that her birthday was on Valentine’s Day because she did not feel singled out and special. “Everyone gets something for Valentine’s Day,” she would say. One day, in an attempt to make her feel special, I sent the Cookie Monster with a bouquet of cookies to her 3rd grade class. She did feel special, and she decided not share the cookies with her classmates. That was not my intention, but for a 3rd grader it seemed like the right choice to her at the time.

As a single adult, I look for heartfelt memes on Facebook for Valentine’s day and don’t necessarily expect gifts. It is always a beautiful surprise if something shows up, but not expecting sets my heart free and I can shower my daughter with the love she deserves. I will see her on Feb. 13th this year, socially distanced to wish her Happy Birthday and give her a small gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful ElderChicks.

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Sending the beautiful lLadies sweetness of happiness and friendship. As I pass a kind word to a stranger in the grocery store, help a neighbor cover her fig tree or steal a moment for myself to be inspired by the soft moonlight wiping my tears away – I know the best candy of St. Valentines Day is blessing to you all and a grateful heart. Hugs!

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