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October: Somewhere Else

Fall always spurs the urge to travel for me, even now when the physical reality of traveling is constrained by limits aging brings. Adding insult to possible personal injury, the age of covid brings new strictures involving testing, retesting, and sometimes downright unpleasantness aboard planes. The need to get somewhere seems to be replacing the desire to explore for many of us. 

The urge to travel, to go “somewhere else” is widespread among us humans. I ‘ve always loved seeing new places and working on projects in other countries when I could – in Turkey, England, France, and the South Pacific. I know I was fortunate to have had those opportunities. But what is on the travel horizon now is one we can only contemplate with wonder.

Space Travel! We have seen the first civilians go into space.  In future decades, space travel will grow, become more accessible, will be within the grasp of many. 

If you were young today, do you think you would want to go to outer space? Why or why not? Are there places you visited that bring welcome memories to mind? Where? What makes those memories so special?  Is there someplace you’d love to revisit?

Let’s enjoy vicarious travel together this month!  Tell us right here.

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Ready to travel!

I am planning a trip for the Winter!

A friend in California going through chemo, post surgery, and I have been planning this trip for a long time. I can only go on a cruise ship, if and when cruise ships are allowed to sail to Cuba again. JUst the planning is giving us an investment in a brighter future! I was in Cuba for a historic week, a day after Fidel Castro died, and at the time, I had hoped to come back. If it is meant to be, it will happen. And, I will tell about our experiences here.

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Sea breezes reminded me of the time my husband and I took a freighter trip in the Caribbean. There were only 3 passengers and we were two of them! We sailed around to various islands and got as far as Venezuela. At every stop we were able to get off and visit whatever place we were at. Sometimes the lovely captain arranged a taxi or some other form of transportation to take us into the city, as the commercial ports were not set up for tourists. It was a lovely way to travel, although not available to anyone 80 years old or older, so I’m glad I got to do it while I could. Nice memories.

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I sincerely wish I were off to some place far away. My plan to see all seven continents did not get realized as I missed Australia. There were also quite a few countries to which I dreamed of going but didn’t make. However 40+ at last (and final count as I am now 87) was a fair score. And I did make Antarctica in my 70’s. One of the first was China and I’ve been to most of Europe and a good bit of South America and Africa. This summer will be very exciting though as my youngest daughter’s debut novel (Cursed-launches on 6/25) will bring her to Philly from LA for a few book signings, and in October, my baby brother (he’s only 84) an Arizonan for the last 50 years or so is coming to spend a few days with me. So–I m a happy camper.

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