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Ah November, sweet November. Once the leaves start to turn, the weather chills and the days grow short, so does the year. For me, November signals the slippery, downward slope to the end of the year.

When I wore a younger woman’s clothes it was the beginning of the most chaotic period of the year. There was the Thanksgiving meal to plan, shop and prepare. It was the beginning of a festive time; lots of entertaining; a full table on Thanksgiving Day; good food, good family, good friends gathered around a loaded table.

Now, those days are behind me. Does that make me sad? No, not at all. Now I can relax while others scurry and run. Sometimes Thanksgiving Day is still a festive gathering of family and or friends, but I get to sit in a comfy chair; be waited on and catered to by people who love me. And, there are also times when it is a solitary day. A Cornish game hen perhaps instead of a turkey; store bought pie instead of home made; and yet even those times give me much for which to be grateful.

In my eighth decade, like St. Paul before me, I have learned to be content with whatever life brings my way. I have been a struggling single mom; I have been a wife (twice); I am a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I still enjoy robust health; I have enjoyed great prosperity and some pretty lean times; I have a store house of memories I can bring out when I need or want them; I am blessed beyond measure and grateful every day, not just once a year.

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In the dark and dusty corners of my mind there is a vault filled with glorious living, technicolored memories of 21 lb stuffed turkeys and many hungry, family and friends awaiting the carving knife’s artistry. The 10 lb country ham at Christmas bedecked in cloves, pineapple and the cherries the kids snatched when I wasn’t looking. I sift through all those wondrous gatherings…memories abound. Now my table sits bare, my Christmas card list gets shorter and presents under the tree are sparse, but in my mind’s eye I still see and feel the cheery, bustling and excitement of those gatherings I have hosted. I wrap these memories around me as I prepare my 2 lb chicken with all the trimmings, smiling at all the yesterdays I have been privileged to have. My only problem is how do you make a cranberry relish for one!

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Thanksgiving – a heart full of memories and a table with empty seats. I am grateful for kindness of past and present but also at Holiday time I wonder why living my life the best I can, being kind to others and hope filled each day that I am cursed to be alone while trying not to be lonely. I am struggling to smile in a world of people where I feel that I am invisible as God’s ugly, forgotten child. I send blessings to everyone for Peace. Thanksgiving – Unto Thee I Give Praise and Thanks.

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I have to work hard to think happy thoughts about November. It was once a great time for me. It’s usually a beautiful, colorful month, and the weather is not terribly challenging yet. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah are joyful and often exciting holidays. The fall season (late September and October 31–yes, Hallowe’en) gave me my parents and I married my true love on the 26 of the month. So what can be bad?

After 15 good years and another ten kind of mediocre ones, the marriage failed. Both of my beloved parents died in November. My dad was only 54; believe me, that took some getting over. Now, when the frost comes and knocks out my few remaining blooms, it’s hard to believe in spring.

There is a “cure” I can recommend–I began to do some literacy tutoring recently. The two second grade boys with whom I work are so delightful and charming that for that hour and a half, I feel like a million.

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