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Chow Chow dog, ChicoGood morning ElderChicks,

Yes, I did have a wonderful dog. She was a Chow mix. Her name was Sugar, she came by her name because of her dark brown, red fur color.

Sugar came into my life  after a close friend of mine lost her sister-in-law to cancer. The lady left several young boys for their father to raise. Their family pet had about a dozen six week old puppies.

After some persuading of my friend, I joined her in visiting her brother one day. This little puppy was shy. I knelt down and held out my hand. It took some time before she coming to me. Soon I could tell I had changed my mind and was willing to take her into my home.

Since I had recently found myself alone from a break up in my family, the little puppy was a gift from God. She was first trained to a crate and I had planned on her being a house dog. After about three years of guarding my home and car, while shopping someone new came into our life.

A godly man , decided he needed a new life as well. We became a new family and started on a new adventure. Living an outdoor life, Sugar went with us everywhere. Through the Florida flatlands hiking and camping. Then we starting going on moderate day hikes in the North Carolina mountains.

After fifteen great years, about five years ago our  dear pet  suddenly became ill. After a visit to a couple of vets and some shots to help with her pain. It was a puzzle to us and our vet when she died a week later.

We have wonderful memories of our wonderful Sugar.

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