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‘Tis the season to be stalwart = resolute and valiant. We cannot count on knowing anything for sure, how we will be, how those we love will be. Many of us will perhaps try to recreate the essence of our December holiday celebrations knowing all the while that naming the essence this year maybe the hardest part.
We can be the adults in our collective lives who are able to grit our teeth and carry on through good and bad with firmness of mind and unyielding courage. In so doing we’ll find the inner resources to go beyond family and friends to help those in our communities who have been so hard hit. Maybe beyond the wonderful sentiment of love thy neighbor it could become more of a ‘let’s let that love be putting our shoulders to the wheels in our communities to make things better for those we don’t even know. We can staying home, wearing a mask. We can pitch in desperately needed money, food and heat, and can put our hands to work even though our hearts and minds ache to have it all go away. If you have been already hard hit, tell someone about that and tell what you need. Don’t be afraid to cry, you’ve earned our gratitude, devotion and support as you have been going on every day with that unyielding courage. Surviving all this will one day be a badge of honor and we will cherish what we did to make life work for others and ourselves in our darkest hour.
Wishing you strength and power, Jeannie.

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Time to Pivot by Elissa Jung

Tis the season to PIVOT. What was, is no longer now. The now is a huge, varied, startling, cauldron of changes…some for good, some not good, and some yet to be decided. We have, all generations back, survived these changes and marched forward. Today is no different. We select, embrace, and discard according to our needs. It is no more scary then selecting your dinner from 3 columns on a menu. You consider your tastes, style and even allergies. PIVOT away from the “shoulds and entertain the “what ifs”. Eleven years ago I broke my leg and I could not jump into my SUV and cruise down to the mall, so I did a pivot and tried shopping on the NET. Today I wouldn’t waste my time going ‘out’ to shop. The NET supplies me with anything I need, delivered to my doorstep. Soon my family doctor will be available for a consult on the NET and on and on it goes. No, I will no give up cursive thank you’s or cloth napkins, but then that’s me. Please tell “Chicken Little the sky is not falling.” It is just a little cloudy.

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Snow Clouds by Pennye Scullin

Because of the work that I do I am in touch with many of you. At this time many of you seem to want to discuss the snow clouds that are floating over over your lives. Some of us feel cloudy and confused, some of us feel like we are in the clouds and more in touch with the angels or spirits. Many feel lost in the snow –feeling numb and not knowing which way to go. I suggest you lie on your bed play soft music, close your eyes – picture yourself lying in the snow -feeling the snowflakes falling on your face and hands and body. Your body is elevated into the snow clouds. The Angels are with you, and you feel at peace -in a winter wonderland!!! God Bless.

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Reach Out by Pat Sjolander

This is the season to reach out to others by being a friend and letting others know they are in your thoughts even when you can’t be together. Each of us has the power to make someone else feel better and less alone during this holiday season by calling or writing greetings and taking the time to listen to their concerns.

This year, we need each other more than ever. Anything we do to bring smiles to others is a valuable gift we can give each other.

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