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Gardening is not for me, but I’m so grateful that others in my home and in my neighborhood garden with gusto. During the pandemic I learned how to use my phone to take pictures and edit using simple, mostly free, photo editing apps. I have taken pictures nearly every day while I walk my dog, capturing the changing seasons and changing landscapes. Walking with a “camera” changes your perspective, as you turn your focus from a broader view to a close-up lens. As travel restrictions lift I look forward to taking pictures beyond the repetitive 4-mile loop my dog (sometimes reluctantly) and I walk every day. Until then, get your leash, Juno, it’s time for a walk!

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Too Soon by Margaret Brown

Crocuses are up, but, at times too soon…the day began at 29 degrees in NJ on Wednesday!!

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Global warming has the visible dividend of producing May flowers in April in many of our gardens and window-boxes this year.  We’re moving up by one month to ask how your garden grows.  Indoor windowsills are definitely included in this query.

What gifts of nature are brightening your world this month?  Do you plant for color and/or design?  What part does fragrance play in your choice of this year’s crop?  

RGardening:  According to the AARP, in addition to providing nutritious veggies and fruits for your table and beautiful flowers to decorate it, gardening actually offers health benefits that include exposure to vitamin D, decreased dementia risk, mood-boosting, enjoyable aerobic exercise, and a way to combat loneliness through participation in community gardening.

Let’s focus on flowers this month!  (Veggies welcome.) Tell us.

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Ukraine on My Mind by Vicki

Mourning for Ukraine and the images – wanting nothing more that to be ‘free.’ Thomas Friedman in Sunday’s New York Times labeled this war ‘World War Wired.’ This is the first war that we are seeing horrible images of Ukrainians hunkered down in subway stations, bunkers, and bomb shelters. We are seeing the images coming in powered by smart phones. Our hearts hurt for these loving people whose lives have been disrupted by a mad man. One man with his fingers on the nuclear trigger against the rest of the world. That is what is on my mind and I am sure on everyone else. Out of this a real hero has emerged -Zelensky. Not only that, an amazing leader. I pray for this man, his family, and all the people in Ukraine.

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