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The Time Has Come…

When ElderChicks was born, Bobby Fleisher and I had to first ask, “What’s a blog?”  Ours became more a conversation than a conventional blog, more a place to meet each other and share life experience than to sway opinion.  It’s been a wonderful meeting place for many (mostly) women.  So it is with deep appreciation that the chick has finally hatched and is closing the barn door behind her.  It’s time to fly.

Special thanks to Tory Bers, my daughter, who has been editor and art director since Day One, and to those of you who still write and have become such interesting friends and inspirations. Thanks, too, to the many who read these monthly notes and write to me personally.  I treasure each word you send my way.

I am still here at my same address in Philadelphia and same email.



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Lucky by Glenavie Norton

I think of “getting old” as a physiological process, “being old” as a chronological state. My challenge is not to fall into the condition of acting old but to keep myself focused on the present, learn new things (such as different applications on the computer) and be as physically active as i can be. Fortunately, I can still be and that makes me lucky.

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Aging is a mindset. I know I am 75 but I do NOT feel 75. How we FEEL is what fuels us. Yes, I look in the mirror with a grandmother looking back and,at times, I think of puffing up those lips, but it has not happened. My stamina is not 100%, but I blame it on my newly diabetic diagnosis, rather then the fact COVID has left an imprint on my couch. I have awakened to the fact I have become a slouch! A couch potato! I have begun to take early morning walks to wind me back up. My friend and I have been on numerous shopping trips to furnish her new house and years back, after shopping. I would be out dancing. Now I totally konk out.

Aging politicians…75. No. Biden is the perfect example. Today I am going to buy a bike and pedal around the park, which reminds me of a hamster on a wheel, but, after COVID and now diabetes, I need to pump myself back up and lose excess pounds.
So, aging for me, is just another chapter that I am enjoying, with all the ups and downs. At any age, there are those ups and downs, and there have been a lot of downs, yet I am thankful for every tomorrow.

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My mind is youthful and vigorous; my body has other realities… When I was 65 I was given a death sentence of sorts, an incurable lung disease from having taken phen fen. One is considered a long term survivor of pulmonary hypertension after 10 years, and there aren’t that many. But, here I am, 23 years later, making long term plans for me and my family. I am grateful.

I decided to move to a senior community in NE PHilly, where the medical care is excellent, the food is well prepared and adequate. I am grateful not to have to stand on my feet to cook my food; I have no complaints. The main reason I moved here was to be closer to my family: daughter and married granddaughter. It was a good choice, and I’m glad I made it for myself. I am grateful for so much: my memory is good, my problem solving skills are kept sharp, I have made a new friend who feels like a long-lost sister to me here: life is good.  

I’ve wanted to go to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC for more than 10 years, and last week that dream was a reality: my 22 year old grandson also wanted a break from his heavy schoolwork load, and we enjoyed a three day adventure together.  

I am grateful for so much. I have retained my optimistic outlook and self confidence; I am getting older, yes, but I do not feel old. I am open to growth of spirit and random acts of kindness; I appreciate the thoughtful acts of others. Life is good.

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