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I went to a friend’s 76-year old friend’s birthday party, karaoke machine included. We cheered, toasted and belted out our favorite songs (mine- Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark). As we winded down, the talk inevitably turned to our country’s disastrous current affairs. At that point I noticed I had lost an earring and the hunt began. A party goer held it up and asked if it really mattered how we looked at our age! She said she now wakes up, showers and throws on whatever is handy in the closet because “who is looking at an old lady?” Another woman piped in that the current affairs has her, at times, not caring how she looks. The buzz began. Some agreed. Some did not. I did not. I enjoy looking the best I can because it makes me feel good to shower, perfume, decide what blazer and boots to wear with my jeans. It is not about who is looking, but more the fact that I care how I look at 73 or 103! World events and all!

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Happy by Donna Robinson

Yesterday I had a strange feeling overcome me! Happiness. Complete happiness amidst riots, COVID etc. Did I dare experience this feeling in a troubled world? Would the heavens above splat me a good one? Have no idea but I could not help the surge of happiness I was feeling! It had been an ordinary school day, our new white board was ready for Monday’s class of bustling 2 and three years old, yet I left school with this surging, almost unrecognizable, feeling of complete happiness and with all the world’s woes, I questioned that happiness. Actually questioned a feeling of complete happiness! And today? Yes! Woke up with a smile that I will be sharing with my grandson today at the horse farm.

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Onto the Good by Wendy Green

I definitely see the benefit of focusing on the good we found in 2020, and there certainly was much good to focus on in my life. There have also been challenges, living alone, and I think it is ok to acknowledge those also.

So, with that acknowledgement … onto the GOOD.

1. I got laid off from work, which prompted me to start the Hey, Boomer live show. This show has been such a blessing into my life and it never would have happened without the pandemic and being laid off. 🙂
2. My sister and brother-in-law both got Coronavirus 19 and fortunately, they both recovered.
3. I did connect with my best friend from high school. We had lost touch and I had been trying to find her for years. That was truly a pleasure to connect with her again.
4. I have met the most amazing, inspiring people through Zoom and because of my show. I met Thelma and found ElderChicks.
5. I had time to maintain my vegetable garden and that was fun.
6. My 90 year old mother is happy and healthy with her new husband. They were married 2 years ago and thank god they have each other during this pandemic.

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No one I know disputes that 2020 brought the illest (it is a word) wind in memory.  In so many ways.  Let’s not recount them here. Let’s think instead of the rest of that adage: “It’s an ill wind that blows no good.”  Is there some good that you have salvaged from that ill wind?

Perhaps a lost connection with someone was reestablished. Maybe you discovered deep breathing or Yoga as a beneficial practice. Patience? Humility? Civic involvement?

Help us all by sharing the good you have found. Please tell us here.

And then let’s celebrate that 2020 is finally over, and health, safety, and renewal are just over the horizon.

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