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Turning a stressful situtation into a JOY: Reading something very insightful this week causing me to pause and become grateful for what I considered a pain in the patooty. I am finding joy that I am able to care for 7 rescues cats-and they are a great deal of work and severely limit my freedom to go and come as I please….but they also give me a purpose each day as my feet hit the floor and security in the fact that I will always have their purrs and humor around bringing me joy–oh yes, and also that I am able to do something “good” for what otherwise be neglected, abandoned kitties.

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August: New Found Joy

In July, Della Tenney’s beautiful words about the joy she finds at 91 inspired heartfelt responses. It also inspired the realization that new joy is available to us all, and is perhaps more important than ever as we deal with both everyday and monumental challenges in our lives.

Sometimes the new joy is a tiny thing; the tinier the better, because it means we’re noticing something in a new way.  Sometimes it’s a whole new perspective that is casting something troubling in a different light. It might be a new activity or interest or an old one you’re revisiting.

Where are you finding glimmers of light that awaken joy?

Tell us here.

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It is so important to find the joy within as we age. I’ll be 73 this fall and have spent the past few weeks on my back. I’ve had spinal issues since I turned 40. New to Maine, I got here just before the pandemic so I haven’t made many friends yet. The spinal issues have changed all my hobbies, hopefully for just a few weeks, til the next episode happens (said with some humor). Fully vaxed, I still mask up and will for quite some time. I’m beyond grateful to get out and about and hope to get back to that when my spinal pain resides. Until then, I am enjoying the moment as best as possible. How do y’all handle this?

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Joy by Della Tenney

It is wonderful being 91! Not because of being a prime example to anyone because I am still looking to others and still finding my way each day. 

Age does not necessarily bring all the right answers but it can bring a different kind of joy! The joy of review and discovery. In a review, we see things in a different light, the patina of time is like the candlelight at dinner. Our memories begin to pop up on the sunny side of the street instead of the dark alleyways of gloom and fear. Life has bern a glorious feat in that we escaped the worst of outcomes from sometimes ill advised decisions. 

It all worked out and we are here to prove it! Some of the results have been the miracles of life: children, family, friends, books, travel, free thoughts and deeds, worries that turned into delights, just love being 91 and still hoping for more!

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