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I just wanted to know if there are any other women who as they thought about retiring found themselves caught up between the practical side of the financial verses moving away to be closer to some family and warmer weather.

I find that I may have to apply for low income housing in order to stay in the northeastern part of the country. I would have very little financial worries as to keeping a roof over my head so to speak. That is the major “pro” in the quandary I am in. I find in my middle 60’s that I really do not enjoy the cold winter and yet I have lived in Florida and the humidity is tough too! My son and my older grandchildren live there now and I have a few good friends in Florida, too. The cost of living there is not as expensive as the northeast but more than what I would pay for low income housing costs.

Also, I am an artist and would like some space to continue to be creative within my home and 450 square feet in a housing apartment is very small no matter the cost in some respects…..

I guess I am stuck as to what to make my priorities in order to know what the best choice for me is and I am analyzing it all to a crazy-making point!

How can I know what is actually going to make me happiest?

I respect and appreciate any and all who can share with me because others experiences would be helpful…

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I was glad to briefly meet Thelma at BAKG (Big Apple Knitter’s Guild). I haven’t read your whole blog but it looks lovely.

I have become a knitting addict since my retirement (I’m 70) and it has helped me deal with stress. Here are my main stress causes: (1) my (same-sex) life partner of about 30 years has dementia. (2) I have heart and other health problems.

I welcome input from anyone else dealing with dementia. We live in NYC and I am faced with a lot of future decisions about where to live, etc. This is complicated by the fact that I can’t drive (and, of course, neither can she any more). I think we, or I,  will be limited to an urban area. Isolation is a problem, even in nyc, especially with my limited health and energy. Getting around town, getting aides to stay with her, getting her to accept that, etc. All problematic. Back to knitting. I have found a helpful group on Ravelry, for those knitters out there who are familiar with it. Works better for me than alzheimer’s support groups.

Hope to hear from others on this blog. Thank you.

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Today I am so happy that I made the decision to leave my empty house and move to Maris Grove.  I moved here in August ( an earthquake hit) and I believe that was Karma for me.  I am with so many lovely people and joined the Maris Grove players and  had a part in our show HAPPY DAZE …shooting pool ( never held a pool stick in my life)  turning out to be champion!!!  Never knew the WII game but I am bowling on it now.  My children and grandchildren have their life and a busy one at that…I don’t interfere and being with my peers is stimulating and comforting.  We have so much to do here there is no excuse to be bored.  I have had many health issues and can’t dwell on that here.  So, I look forward to a New Year and wish all of you elder chicks out there a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year.

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After personal and family health problems, I retired rather hastily at 58, so I never had a chance to think much about what I would do in retirement. But just before I said goodbye to my classroon and clinicals, a friend and I decided to write our nursing stories. I have found this new avocation of writing to fill any voids that may have occurred. Now I spend a lot of time on my blog and promoting my nursing career memoir, “Caring Lessons.”

I’m very thankful that I’m financially secure. I have friends whose husbands ditched them when in their 50s and 60s who are finding they still need to work part time.

Retirement means to me just what my subjects said in my later-in-life doctoral research on “The Meaning of Leisure” to older persons: “It’s a time when you can do what you want, when you want, and for how long you want to do it.” I didn’t know then, 20 years ago, how true their words would turn out to be for me.

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