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PopesI feel that Francis is a sort of “bridge” between the Old Church (based on tradition, outer authority and suppression of the individual – which his predecessor, Ratzinger, took to ridiculous levels) and the kind of direction the Catholic Church – and others – will have to move if they expect to survive into the future. As head of the Catholic magisterium, Francis does have to represent the party line, and cannot be counted on to fully promote progressive values. But one can hardly fail to notice that the values he does promote are a huge step in the right direction for those hoping to see religions become less literal, and to evolve toward increasing universality, inclusivity, unity.

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Pope FrancisI wasn’t as concerned about what he said or didn’t say. I thought that it was very important that the media gave him a lot of attention and proclaimed to the world that we are a Christian nation.

I think it was important the he spoke in Washington to show the world that the United States views him as an important religious and political leader.

Most important was his meeting with the public which I viewed as his true caring personality towards everyone no matter what his title is.

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