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Belgium Worlds FairI had 3 pen pals in my younger years: a girl from Belgium who sent me a World’s fair emblem which I still have after 55 years, a boy from Japan, and one from India. Letters are gone except for the postcard of Mt Fuji, and their names I don’t recall. Learning about their culture always fascinated me.

I would love to have another penpal again. I’ve been retired for nearly 12 years from my job at the Department of Social Services, but have a part-time job at our local library. I am an avid reader and also go to classes once a week at Lifelong Learning for Seniors at the University of Connecticut in Waterbury CT.  Do you have any thing like this in Germany?

Hope to hear from you,

Marjie Fitzgerald

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ScotlandI had a penpal from Scotland when I was in grammar school. His name was Edward. We exchanged letters and photos for about two years and then life happened. But I think about where he is now 50 years later.

Now through my e-books on Amazon, I have an e-mail penpal who is from Wales. She and I drop-in every few months with updates. People will always need to connect and will find a way to communicate. I wonder what it will be like 50 years from now?

So I say “Welcome” Hanni Brandt from Germany.


Joan Reid

P.S. I married a Scotsman, but not to Edward.  : )

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