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Happy by Donna Robinson

Yesterday I had a strange feeling overcome me! Happiness. Complete happiness amidst riots, COVID etc. Did I dare experience this feeling in a troubled world? Would the heavens above splat me a good one? Have no idea but I could not help the surge of happiness I was feeling! It had been an ordinary school day, our new white board was ready for Monday’s class of bustling 2 and three years old, yet I left school with this surging, almost unrecognizable, feeling of complete happiness and with all the world’s woes, I questioned that happiness. Actually questioned a feeling of complete happiness! And today? Yes! Woke up with a smile that I will be sharing with my grandson today at the horse farm.

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What a year! Started with a horrible struggle with corona viral pneumonia. (Actual name) refused hospitalization. My pneumonologist, Dr. Alimam, literally saved my life! Because of age, three cancer surgeries, loss of one lung, left with COPD (emphysema), least likely of all his patients to survive! But after the second round of meds, unbelievably, I knew I could make it, literally! I am 89, don’t panic easily, but I had lost 30 lbs. Weak and could not even stand. My point? Elderly people, with medical disabilities! I can survive this! Don’t give up! I was dose with two 5-day rounds or steroids and antibiotics. On the second round, different antibiotic (stronger?) We’re all different. I’m no doctor, but I wanted to encourage all! New Year – never give up!!!

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Although I am constantly cognizant of the sadness over loss of life, health concerns and food crises, I can easily focus on the good that has emerged since last March. A few examples:
1. Reconnecting with friends and neighbors; letting them know they matter and I appreciate and value them.
2. Clearing clutter (attic, garage, files, etc.). It’s never-ending but good to launch
3. Reorganizing, repurposing rooms
4. Taking stock of what’s important and staying with priorities
5. Connecting with essential workers and thanking them for their service (mail carrier, trash collectors, etc.
6. Sending meals & snacks to local nursing home staff

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Golden Moments by Jude

Although this was a difficult year in so many ways, it also had its golden moments. Here are some of the new things that came out of 2020 for me:

– I learned to cut my own hair
– I started a writers’ group, which I continue to co-facilitate with another writer, and it is a wonderful group
– I joined a group of bloggers and we meet weekly on Zoom to share the highlights and troubles of each week, and to discuss a topic of the week
– I started to care for my two grandchildren twice a week so that my daughter could enter a Master’s program
– I completed a novel, which I am now in the process of trying to publish

I have just discovered your blog, and I will be back again!

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