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Hollywood Quiz by Pat Boni

It’s time for movies that make us sing (“April . . .in wherever). I just watched “Hollywood Musicals”—1940, 1950, and 1960 on my computer from Netflix (God bless technology).   I was hoping the series would run through 2010 but it doesn’t seem to.

So here’s a test:

  • What three movie musicals (originals or adapted from Broadway) are your favorites?  And why?
  • How about your favorite stars—male and female?
  • Who’s a better dancer: Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?
  • Favorite female and male vocalists?
  • What Shakespeare plays were made into musicals?
  • Which Hollywood musicals won the Oscar for best picture?

So many questions! How about a few more?

  • Which three actors in Hollywood musicals do you consider the handsomest?
  • Which female musical actors the most beautiful?
  • Three female and male musical comics?
  • How about three of your favorite songs from any musical?

Well, if you can think of any more categories comment on ElderChicks and we’ll have a fun dialogue.  Oh, and you can then ask me which my favorites are.

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I have managed to see only three of the Oscar nominated films so far:  The King’s Speech, The Fighter, and Social Network, which were all excellent and had great performances.  I’ve loved watching Colin Firth ever since he emerged from his pond in Pride and Prejudice, and he’s only gotten better.  And while I’m not a particular fan of fight movies, Christian Bale in The Fighter kept me riveted. (As you see, it’s the acting that particularly reaches me.)  Of the three, I did think Social Network was the best all around, however.  I’m writing this today from Palo Alto, CA, where I may see Mark Zuckerberg himself walk by at any time.


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