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Powerless by Georgia Boni

Hurricane Sandy has reminded us all about the power of nature. How we respond to losing electrical power challenges our ability to adapt. Candles, flashlights, bottled water, extra food…these are the immediate essentials that we gather. Living without our beloved devices that depend on electricity takes a bit more inner strength. But what about the loss of “power” as we age? Today, I visited an elderly woman, age 93, in a home where she will live for the rest of her life. I visited her with my pet therapy dogs, Gianni and Dante, hoping to bring a bit of joy into her dreary day. (more…)

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A Reflection by Pat Boni

With more time on my hands these past two years than I have ever before experienced, save for the two years that I set aside 25 years ago when I quit teaching at La Salle and Villanova and tried to follow what the Bhagavad Gita teaches, that I come to differentiate between “the action in inaction and the inaction in action”, I find myself more and more disgusted and angered at the things of the world. Camus said “There are more things to admire in human beings than to than despise.”  And I want to continue to believe that.  But too often I don’t like myself because I am so filled with anger towards people whose ideas and actions I detest.  The enlightened person is said to be one who “neither hates nor loves” so I guess I’m not enlightened. I long ago forsook non-attachment to the world as suggested by Buddha and other wise yogis and embraced Gotthold Lessing’s belief: “There are some things that must cause us to lose our reason or we have no reason to lose.” But too much energy is expended when I get so involved in the world that I lose the existential trust that maybe Shakespeare is right–perhaps there really are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in my philosophy. Maybe the Big G does have the whole world in her hands. (more…)

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It is so interesting to think about all of the things we can control, how we plan and expect to execute. Back in 1993 we had just completed remodeling our basement. We had put up new walls, carpet, a bathroom and bedroom for my teenage son. I had new furniture and a lovely home office. There had been a lot of rain that summer and several parts of our small town in Iowa had suffered from water damage. I woke up around 2am with a premenition that something was not right in our home. I walked down our basement stairs and saw water seeping up through the hairline cracks in our cement floor due to the high water table. I woke my husband and son, and we spent the rest of the night moving furniture upstairs, putting pieces we couldn’t move on crates and wrapping aluminum foil around chair and table legs. I was so frustrated to see what had happened. However, my husband, who had lost his first wife to cancer, put it all in perspective when he said, “it’s only money. We are not hurt or sick”. That one sentence put everything into place for me. He was right. We had our health, and we had each other. It also told me that no matter how we plan, there are some things we just have to get through.

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