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Glass PlateAlthough I recognize the value of meditation, my meditation does not take the form that is usually thought of. Mine occurs in my studio. When I am working in glass, other things in life retreat. I remember my mother telling me that when she went to her clay sculpture class and sat down to work, any stress she was feeling went away. That is pretty much what happens when I am in a glass class or working on my own. One of the best meditation experiences I had was working at a vitrograph kiln, where the glass was melting in a clay flower pot and pouring slowly out of the bottom of the open kiln. I stood for an hour covered with gloves pulled and shaped the glass as it flowed. There was nothing but me and the glass. Lovely.

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Calm by Betty Nudelman

Pet ScanI’ve been doing a type of meditating for many years. I started practicing the mantra when I was ill many years ago I admit I am not faithful in my practice. However I recently had to have a PET scan and I realized I was practicing during the procedure! It is helpful for me to relieve stress.

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meditationMeditation is unlike any other mental activity. It is not day-dreaming, zoning, prayer, sleep.  The first time I was guided into meditation was by my husband several years ago. He also practices yoga.  (I don’t.)  

When we were finished going through every part of the body, releasing tension and focused on our breathing, I emerged perfectly calm, rested, refreshed, the way I would expect to awake in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

A few years ago I wrote an essay, “Just Do Nothing” which took a humorous slant on meditation.  Alas, meditation is not doing nothing.  Last weekend while walking the High Line in NYC, I overheard a sound byte of a conversation.  A young man said, “Meditation NOT medication.”

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Interestingly I just attended a meet-up of adult coloring enthusiasts. I’ve been coloring for years and had no idea of the resurgence of this meditative practice. Yes I meditate too and have since the late 60s. Consistently not so much but I have always had a meditation space in my home and find it is so important with the active lifestyle I’ve always had. Living alone I find silence to be a good meditation practice. No TV, no conversation. I’m also an advocate of doing housework especially the dishes in a meditative state.

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