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no-tvYes, I DO find the it annoying to see journalists’ seeming conviction that the public needs to be jostled by their opening salvo “if it bleeds, it leads.” My “solution” is to boycott the “major” TV news, to get most of my information from KYW radio, to use their headlines to pursue online anything about which I need more in-depth information, to take even PBS in small doses, (since I think PBS has its own version of scare-tactics), and to never go anywhere close to “news” after supper!

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globeI personally am sick to death of all this fear-mongering by Republicans and the media! Every little thing is blown into a full-blown crisis, and it is making people crazy. I returned recently from EASTERN Africa and even some of my family and friends were horrified and terrified that I might have contracted Ebola while there!! Part of the problem as I see it with this particular “crisis” is that people no longer have a knowledge of geography nor do they ever take the time to look at a map of the world. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked in the past couple of years if Wyoming is in the United States!! The only way to return some sanity to this country, as I see it, is to vote Blue on Tuesday to improve and return dollars to the public school system, and to hold news media accountable for the so called “news” they are reporting. It is true 24/7 coverage is to blame and commentators who frame “facts” as questions, so they cannot be held accountable for misinformation!!

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God Will Prevail by Celia

Rosary and BibleI don’t watch the news. It’s all to awful and what good does it do to know all the horrible details of the tragic events. Being a Catholic, I have read the book (Bible) and know the end. God will prevail. He will bless His people. I do not worry because worry to me is doubt and unbelief, even if you don’t believe in the God of the Bible. When something comes into my brain that could cause worry I ask myself this question: “Is there anything I can do to help in the situation?” Mostly praying is the best thing I can do and of course not worrying.

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Alfred E NeumanI have reacted to all of this fear-mongering in a Chicken Little way. I find myself fearing less and less as the media ratchet up their dire warnings.

As I age, I am determined to wring as much joy as possible out of every day for the rest of my life. That includes refusing to get stressed out by things over which I have absolutely no control.

I will live my life taking reasonable precautions, eating sensibly, doing what’s best in the areas where I do have control. I will be aware of all the rest, but I won’t let it intrude.

Is it a more dangerous world today? In some ways, yes. We have overused antibiotics and so have opened the door to super-bugs against which we have few defenses. Technology has enriched our lives but opened us to interference from malicious jerks. There are people who have easy access to all manner of weapons and no respect for human life or the rights of others. Our legislative branch is dysfunctional. As society has become less insular and more global, problems originating far from our shores are landing, with increasing frequency, at our front doors. We have mucked up our planet, perhaps irrevocably.

The media have certainly not helped, with their too-common bias and their overblowing of every story for the sake of ratings. I want them to continue to provide information – as much as possible – but I resent the shrieking and the unbalanced way in which they present nearly every story. I find myself relying more and more on other sources, like BBC and the Spanish language channels, for a more balanced view.

But, to quote Alfred E. Neuman, “what, me worry”?

I will stay informed and do what I can to right the ship and to keep myself healthy and strong. Worrying will just sap my finite pool of energy and get in the way of doing what I have to do.

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