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microphoneI just found the ElderChicks site, and very much enjoy the recognition of being a “…new senior woman…” even though I’ve been retired, and LOVE it, for the past 5.8 years.

My major personal challenge is to find a reasonable social group to sync with my activity level and interests.  From a small farming town with a 99% bused-in school population, I learned to be very independent, an attribute that I believe fit well with my career as a public school teacher; however, now firmly settled in a down-sized house, I think it would also be good to find a few people of similar interests in real time.  

Concerning the news front, I’m still a radio person and have my local AM 1370 channel on for news and discussion most of the time.  I agree that so much 24/7 news coverage can be disconcerting; but when I reach that point, I take it as a sign that I need to engage in gym time or do some other thing here at home.

Nevertheless, my reaction to the latest news of the terrorist action in Paris, France and the French response was a predictable combination of shock followed by admiration and reassurance to the murders, the bravery of the French and other world populace in immediately marching, and especially that of the recognized Islamic leaders and those who allowed themselves to be interviewed, respectively.

I was very impressed that France has declared it will more fully join the International Community in the fight against these hate-filled, genocidal jihadists groups that have NO legitimate connection to Islam and have apparently begun to use young children in their despicable bombings as well as the impressive Parisian effort to provide additional protection for the City’s Jewish synagogues.

Well, I don’t mean to turn this into a political tirade or to offend anyone with the subject matter, but I felt I should make the statement.

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Just the Facts by Lorene Chandler

newsI have found that this 24/7 news via all media sites has heightened my anxiety level. And I have found that the news headlines that are featured on Good Morning America is repeated on the supposedly hard-hitting news of World News Tonight. I remember when news was a 15 min. broadcast one time a day! I know it is important to get the news out there, but a lot of news is just “teasers” and “news bites” to get viewers to tune in for ratings sake. That is appalling. Now with viewers sending in “tweets” and their own self-recorded videos to the news stations, we are bombarded with almost every angle there is to see – whether it is a horrible car accident or murder on the streets. I have learned to take my news in little bites and to avoid the sensationalism and scare tactics that just provoke anxiety. I do not want to be in a cocoon and not know what is going on around me – locally and worldly – but I have come to recognize the stations that announce the news that aren’t so greedy for viewer share for their particular rating and advertising needs.

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A Message for ElderChicks

Woman ThinkingDear ElderChicks,

As we approach the five-year mark of ElderChicks’ appearance we thank each and every contributor. The conversation remains vibrant and inspiring – broadening our horizons and creating meetings of minds that stimulate, reassure, comfort, and challenge.

We try to publish every comment when possible, with a few exceptions. To maintain the civility and intelligence of the blog which all of us have established together, we occasionally omit a submission because of intemperate language, religious or partisan proselytizing, or writing that requires serious editing for which we lack time and staff, and which we are unable to acknowledge.

We love disagreement as much as agreement, and comments that reflect all points of view on all the subjects on your mind and ours. Thank you for being an ElderChick reader and especially for your posts and comments.

Bobby and Thelma

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We are Okay by Elissa Jung

chickenlittle“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little, and all the animals panicked. That sky has been falling way before I was born. (I was born before the big ‘flood.’) The auto was a killer, trains that have beds!, the computer was a joke, the internet was a fad, travel in space, and so on. Today it is hackers, war, superbugs, stock market crashes, and many more horrors.

There are two strong motives that move people…fear and greed. If you sit back and really look at the events you will be able to put them in one of the two fear/greed boxes.

 News media: They are filled with horror (fear) to sell their products (greed).

 The government has greed as it goal, lies to control as fear.

 War is fear, building weapons is greed

 Without education you will get nowhere, fear. New methods,new books, higher entrance fees is greed.

You’ll die without health care, fear. New meds, higher costs, greed.

Beginning to get the picture? Lean back and look at everything with a broader view and by gummy bears the sky is not falling. If the cave man made it through dinosaurs, ice ages and quick sands we shall make it through our quagmire. Anyone for a piece of chocolate sky?

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