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I’m 78. If someone asked me that question today, “How are you?” I would answer, as alert to nuances as ever.  And, glad of it.

I went to Nordstrom to return a couple of items and was helped by a new manager of the department. While she was courteous and helpful, and resolved the problem I had with my bill for recent purchases, I noticed the difference between an outstanding customer service person (my favorite saleswoman, and the previous manager of the department) that I am accustomed to enjoying, and more impersonal but quite adequate service: you either really like people, or it’s just a job.

I was pleased to have noticed the difference, even though there was nothing really wrong. Here’s to staying alert!

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Having had a liver transplant 18 years ago, I renewed my feeling that “Now is the only time there is” and you’d better enjoy whatever you are doing and the people you are doing things with. I just had a terrible fracture, requiring surgery and rehab and it was wonderful how friends and family rallied round to help me and my husband. I am fortunate in having Kaiser Permanente medical insurance which has provided complete coordinated care for over 25  years.

We all face loses, of friends, family and our own abilities, but rather than focus on these, I feel you can acknowledge them and continue to enjoy whatever activities that you enjoy.

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