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Elissa says…

SuitcaseWe’re so proud of you! You’ve made it this far. Your suitcases are packed with a bit of knowledge, a box of curiosity, layers of excitement and, oh yes, in the side compartment a bit of fear.

You are going on a wondrous trip. Your life. Enjoy every moment of it ’cause you only get to travel it once. Your trip doesn’t have a road map. You make it. Don’t rush it. Enjoy what will become terrific memories. Yes, you will hit dead ends but you will learn to recognize them next time. Be kind to those you leave behind as well as all you will meet. Be all that you can be. Listen to your gut instincts and do not lose those dreams.

So, years from now, when you look back over your journey you can honestly say…been there, done that, and loved every minute of it.


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March says…

Choose LoveI say to many every day that fear (not hate) is the opposite of love. Walk with love and conquer fear and hatred. Jim Carey used this idea in his graduation speech, but I’ve been saying this for years!

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Robin says…

dreamI’d say, “Think deeply about what you dream. You are responsible for that dream becoming a reality. You choices affect yourself and all those who love and support you. Make sure the road you choose will end with you a better human being than you have ever been”.

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