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Moving InThe house I bought on the net is now my abode, lock, stock and stuff. Wasn’t easy, sometimes overwhelming, and just plain exhausting. Would I recommend buying a house on the net? Not really unless you have an iron stomach, the mindset of a tiger after its prey, and three buckets of perseverance.

What I’m writing about today is the many wonderful women who shared their unfulfilled dreams with me. I feel honored and humble that I was able to connect with you. To each of you that took the time to write me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, but the praise you heaped on me is unwarranted and I do not deserve it! I am an old bat that wants what she wants when she wants! My only claim to fame is I trod where angels fear to tread. That doesn’t make me special, just stupid sometimes.

If a dream you have lingers on, check it out, measure the pitfalls, and you still want it, then go all out. Even if it doesn’t come to pass you know you gave it your very best shot and that is success in itself. The end of my story is … the bank and I own a lovely house.

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Siesta KeyI’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mercurii and I’ve been following this blog and lurking now for several months. I am quickly approaching the 60 year mark. I live in warm, breezy, beautiful, sunshiny, Sarasota, Florida. Althought I’ve lived in Florida for  over 30 years, I’ve only been in Sarasota for almost 1 year, and I don’t know very many people here. Siesta Key is honestly one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been on and living in Sarasota is living in a paradise. At this age when most women are leaving jobs, and beginning the leisure and retirement years, I am beginning my life anew and greeting every day excited about the future.

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Oxford, CTIt was a rural town when when we moved here 1971 with just 6,000 residents. Now we have 12,855 and we are urban. We are 1 hour from NYC and 2 hours from Boston, 1/2 hour from New Haven,CT. An ideal place to live, easy access to the best education, museums, cultural events, and even beaches. I am 73 and still going to school at OLLI Life Long Learning for Seniors at UCONN in Waterbury plus working part-time at our local library.  I belong to a book club and do genealogy. We go to NYC and Boston often for historical events. My 4 children live in different states so we have lots of choices where to vacation. Although Connecticut is an expensive state to live in, we don’t want to move south so we live simply.

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art glassI live in Rockville Maryland, 12 miles north of Washington DC.

It is a great place to raise kids as well as to live  in retirement, with access to all the museums, most of which are free. I have heard that the DC area has the second most number of theaters in the country.  I can believe it.  There is always something to do or see. The metro is five minutes from my home and a half hour into DC. Rock Creek Park is a block from my home and I can walk or bike it straight into the city. Since I am a glass artist, I love the fact that there is so much glass activity in the area – I belong to the National Capital Art Glass Guild, some of whose members are internationally known glass artists. All the other art activity and opportunities feed into my love of art. A great place to live and visit.

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