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ChatWhen I got on Facebook some years ago, I made to commitment to only have substantive conversations with people and choose my friends from that. I excluded family and also any logistics conveersations of course.

It has worked well. I have many interesting people I hear from and enjoy. BUT, lately I’ve noticed even those friends are just “liking” posts and not too many substantive comments are being made. They are still posting interesting stuff, but the conversations have gone.

So, this year, I’ve recommitted to having substantive conversations as well. I’ll let you know how it goes if you are interested.

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Love FacebookI am an enthusiastic user of Facebook and have been for quite a while. I love seeing the pictures of family and friends and learning what they are up to. One of the things I like most is that I am facebook friends with many of the parents of my former students and some of my former students themselves, so I see things like birthdays, graduations from high school and college and even medical school, and I watch my former students grow up. I also find Facebook really useful in that I follow two glass art groups that have been very helpful, informative, and inspiring to my work as a glass artist as well as keeping me in touch with glass art community around the world.

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maxresdefaultI’ve always said Facebook is like life. We tell people we like then become friends comment and share in conversations. Now I’m adding the idea that Facebook is teaching us to connect with many others regardless of the geographical, age, or even interests. Our world is expanding as a result. As long as I’m on Facebook I will continue to bring substance and friendship to the process.

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Keeping ConnectedFour things I definitely know about myself: I’m overweight, am a very curious person, I love learning about subjects that are of special interest to me and I hate talking on the phone.  

So, Facebook fulfills at least 3 of my 4 traits — if only it could help me lose some weight!

Facebook, for me, is like taking a walk at night around the streets of my neighborhood and looking in the lighted windows and seeing what people are doing. I guess I can add a 5th trait – I am also a voyeur.  Aren’t we all?

So without having to be on the phone, I can find out what my son in Wisconsin is thinking about the coming election and what events friends and family are attending and what solutions someone is asking for help with a problem they are having.

I wouldn’t say I am addicted to Facebook, but I click on it a couple times a day and feel that I have caught up with people I care about.

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