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The other day I was participating in a deep water aerobics class, something I do most mornings. We were getting close to the end of the class and completing a set of “Suntan/Superman” which requires us to lie on our backs, drop our legs down and move onto our stomachs, arms out to our sides. I usually concentrate on this, one of my favorite exercises,  focusing on my form to get the maximum benefit.

What caused me to look up I’ll never know but I did and there about four or five feet in front of me was Fran, in the Superman position with her face in the water, not moving…just floating. I moved quickly toward her and in seconds lifted her head out of the water… she was unconscious. I began moving both of us by kicking strongly and using my arms to keep her head out of the water.

Several of the swimmers swam over and helped me move Fran toward the edge of the pool. Others jumped out to receive her at the other end. Two were nurses who took her pulse and helped her expel a little water that had been ingested. There was a pulse so they did not perform CPR. They tapped her face, called her name and she opened her eyes.

My eighty-five year old friend asked, “What happened?Where’s my hat?” (We elderchicks are very fond of our hats!) The para-medics completed the examination. Fran opted not to go to the ER but rather to visit her own doctor for tests.

She attributed her “passing out” to low blood suger. She had not eaten before the class. The nurses and I drove Fran home where she ate a healthy breakfast. Fran will be back in the pool as soon as she receives clearance from her physician. As for me, “Suntan/ Superman” will never be quite the same …and it certainly is no longer my favorite exercise!

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