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There are other reasons for downsizing beyond need or necessity.  And, it’s still not a walk in the park!

We have ‘stuff’ of both sentimental value, and monetary value.  I realized that someone would be wise to tackle it head on rather than leave the job to children who might not have a clue what the valuable things were worth, or find it a burden to have to do it at all.

Most painful was getting insurance coverage to be able to get estimates from prospective buyers, only to learn that the really good stuff was worth very little on the market.  I did not like owning one valuable diamond ring (my Mother’s) that was indivisible: two daughters, five grandchildren; this did not feel right no matter what we decided.   Well, it turned out one daughter wanted it very badly for both sentimental reasons, and the desire to see to it that her children would have it (kept in the family!), so that proved to be the best choice.   I’m making it up to the other daughter in other ways to compensate for the great disparity in economic value. (more…)

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My husband , Willi, and I  had been comfortably living in a villa in a golf course community in SW Florida….he in early nineties,  I , early eighties and our 2 year old poodle. We had no thoughts of living elsewhere until I saw, while driving around in our neighborhood,  a senior facility under construction with an interesting name …..the Desoto Beach Club.  Knowing we were nowhere near a beach, I just had to drive in to see the alleged beach. I saw lots of trees, wetlands, early construction…no beach. Now really curious I entered the construction trailer to check  out “what’s going on.”

“Checking out” the blueprints of this 3 story, 114 apartments  building, I  noticed a 2 bedroom, 2 bath , first floor, in the rear apartment …next to the pool and gardens…and they allowed dogs. (more…)

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Are you ready to give up your home for a smaller place to live? Do you long to move to the city so you can walk to all those places you love to spend your time now that you have plenty of it? Are you ready for less stuff to dust? Are you overwhelmed by a lifetime of belongings that seem to be possessing you rather than the other way around? Are you faced with a spouse that resists giving up his garden, his barcalounger, and a gazillion slides that no one wants to look at again?

Well, a lot of us ElderChicks would like to deal with these issues. But the dreaded thought of downsizing is usually enough to send us to the couch with a case of extreme vapors. (more…)

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