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Democracy SpringAlthough I have always had strong political opinions, I have used the ballot box to take a stand rather than to be actively involved in demonstrations. I have only been involved in

a handful of demonstrations – I pushed my daughter in her stroller in a march to protest the Viet Nam war, walked as “another mother for peace,” attended a pro-choice rally in

Washington, DC and stood vigil to protest US involvement in the Iraq War. However, I never was involved to the point where I risked arrest.

Recently, as part of a Positive Aging group, I learned about the movement Democracy Spring – “a mass civil disobedience campaign to save American democracy from the corruption of Big Money in politics and the assault upon our right to vote.” A peaceful march is being planned from Philadelphia to Washington DC from April 2nd to 10th. Part of this movement is an Elder Cohort – where elders are invited to stand with the group on April 14th and risk arrest. I immediately responded that I would be willing to risk arrest as did several other members of the group.

In reflecting upon my reaction, I realize how frustrated I have become with the role big money plays in our elections. While I will vote in the upcoming presidential election, I feel my vote is not as “equal” as those who have large sums of money to contribute. As an elder (defined as a person that uses wisdom and life experience to guide their actions, speaks for the shared interests of all people, as well as for future generations), I care about my grandchildren’s future. If I can participate with other elders to capture media attention for pro-democracy reforms, I feel now is the time to do so. What do I have to lose? If you are an “elder” who might be interested, you can contact Lynne at lpiser@aol.com

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