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Crafts are my salvation and for instance, when I knit, it’s like meditation. I also like to wrap old chairs with my leftover yarn and give them away to my family.  In addition, I paint but mostly decorative painting on old furniture and I save broken china to do mosaics on trays. I want to keep busy and all my hobbies do just that.

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Collecting Dust by R. Rats

I majored in Creative Writing and minored in Art. (It took me 55 years to get my BA degree. I finally graduated at the age of 68 with a 3.9 GPA.) I have a collection of short stories and when I am sick of writing switch over and do my artwork. But there is no outlet for my art where I live, so it just sits in my closet and collects dust. Same with my stories–they sit in my computer. C’est la vie!

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My New Life by Carol Kelly

The pandemic brought many of us to a standstill. Suddenly, there seemed to be opportunities to truly reflect on life and realize the impact of our relationship with others. Suddenly, many of us felt bereft of our heretofore casual interaction with casual friends or even extended family. With so much introspection going on, we begin to realize the importance of expressing our inmost thoughts and ideas to others. That very process of communication breathes life and joy into our beings!

To me, creativity is synonymous with new life! My particular passion is the creation of jewelry. I love putting beads and gemstones and chain and colorful sparkle into intricate -or even simple- patterns of symmetrical or asymmetrical balance and beauty. It is as if I KNOW when a particular design I have created is truly finished because it feels like my creation has come to match what my vision inspired. That newly finished piece represents an extension of my thoughts. my personality, and my joy of living…and becomes my offering to others that life is there, it is ever new and interesting!

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