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OpinionI take umbrage at your statement of staying neutral to share ideas and experiences. Neutral is nothing, blank, bland, without color. What do you share or learn from nothing? It is those very politically incorrect thoughts that get us thinking, questioning. Even discovering. As difficult as it may be for some to realize, human beings come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions, and sexual preferences. Why some even like their hamburgers rare! Dare we mention any of these topics and all hell breaks loose. Watch WordPress delete my words with the excuse it might offend some, and then preface with “for the good of all.” That small sentence is the biggest mind control of the century. It takes away from you your personal identity and merges you with all, as in robotic. We buy it because it is laced with guilt. I am politically incorrect, a contrarian, with the nasty habit of thinking and the unmitigated gall of questioning. Don’t like it, avoid me.

Nothing personal just my opinion.

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