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mexicoThis is how my new husband describes our courtship: a progressive realization that it was a good idea to grow old with someone you love. I prepared the path to that realization with good food, much laughter, visits to galleries, and a month in San Miquel, Mexico where he welded and I sculpted at the Institudo D’Allende.

We were not strangers having met over the years on occasions that brought us together with our respective spouses through a mutual friend. He was a retired professor of organic chemistry looking forward to a future of exploring interesting possibilities such as art, and sharing them with his wife of many years. He was widowed suddenly, months after I was. I waited a respectable time to connect. I called with a conversation that began “I hear you’re doing art” and “I’d like to see your work.” He said he wasn’t sure how that could happen and obviously missed the point. He was on his way to months of sputtering (the opposite of progressing). I waited for him to catch up. He was worth it. (more…)

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