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BobbyThe sadness of losing my dear friend and writing partner, Bobby Fleisher, on October 29 is more than balanced by the appreciation for her life. When we started this blog and, soon after began writing our book about women, we looked among contemporaries for role models: women who live their senior lives with strength, courage, and flair. I didn’t have to look far – Bobby was the quintessential role model for so many people, and for so many years.

Instead of The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years Beyond Mid-Life, we wanted to call our book “Mastering the Art of a Senior Life.” In the book, Bobby wrote, “The science is up to our doctors; the art is up to us.”

Bobby expressed that art even as she relied on a wonderful team of doctors she respected for several years of treatment. Few friends were even aware of her declining health because complaining and, as she would say, “doom and gloom” were not to be tolerated or voiced. More than most people, she was able to infuse her gift of time with meaning until the very end. Her very last months and weeks were filled with contacts with her loving children and grandchildren and knowing through the miracle of technology her first great grandchild. As always, she knitted, even organizing the making of a blanket of squares by the extended family for the newborn and starting a set for the not yet conceived great grandchild to be, and, as her daughter would say, “knitting the family together.”

A long life filled with personal and professional accomplishment, with a wonderful marriage, with loving family and friends, with laughter and fun as well as difficult challenges, and with students and strangers who benefitted from her commitment to making so many lives better can only be celebrated.

You will hear Bobby’s voice again in our soon to be finished second book, “The New Senior Man” where her wit and wisdom are again evident. Her life and example encourage all of us to never stop learning and growing, to embrace life, to keep giving. Treasure life this Thanksgiving.

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