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Please join me in celebrating the publication today of How Seniors Are Saving the World:  Retirement Activists to the Rescue! written with my co-author, BJ Kittredge.

The stories of people whose dedication to causes can inspire us all.  In this time of upheaval, they exemplify personal commitment to making the world better in some way as they find meaning in their own lives.

When we began work on this book two years ago, we could not foresee how very timely its birth would be.

You may order the book, hardback or Kindle, by going to Amazon right here, or by asking your local independent bookseller to order a copy for you. If you do read it, please let us know what you think via email, ElderChicks, or Amazon. (We love good reviews!) Your response means more than I can say. The book has been a labor of love, as is this blog we share.

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blackandwhitefamilyI’m sorry, I believe that few will want to hear my voice but hear goes. My memory is different than most , I guess. So I want to go a bit backward to a time when there was respect for the home. Not all were perfect to be sure but society respected women who loved their husbands and the family. Women dressed like women, raised little girls who learned how to do most things while wearing skirts and dresses. Women cared about proper manners and respected their elders, would salute the flag and read the Bible and would teach it to their children. Husbands treated their women like the godly lady she was. They treated each other with care and respect. I had a home like that once — my mom stayed home drove us to school, cooked all our meals, made our clothes. She loved our father,  even if she had a problem with him, and I’m sure she did since he was human. She never embarrassed him in public. Her children grew up to respect all authority and was respected in the community. An America that supported the Bible and was one nation under one God.. We had few social problems that were discussed openly because were were taught to work together privately to solve them, because the Bible taught us not to talk of things done in secret. I felt safe in that world, the home I lived in and I respected my parents. I had many troubles because of my own failures, my lack of wanting to study, but not my lack of parents. Later in life I found out from teachers and pastors how I could be a grownup and put away childish things in my past. Why is the darkness and what we were taught as sin, that part of us that wants to do wrong by what we see , think, or do that displeases God, why is it praised in my world today? Could it be that we the people have turned away from the One True God?

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protestsignI wake up every day hoping this was a nightmare. I’ve been calling, emailing, and Facebooking all kinds of politicians. I marched with the people of Philadelphia on January 21. My favorite sign was carried by a woman about my age that said “I thought I wouldn’t have to picket this sh*t again!” I know just how she felt. I am disappointed in this gang of thugs that have taken over our country. But I am also disappointed in the Democrats for their disorganization and shortsightedness that allowed this to happen. So I will continue to urge everyone I know to VOTE in every single election to change this country from the bottom up! And in between I’ll meditate, exercise, spend time with my family and loved ones and finally clean out my house!

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Doing My Part by Joan Reid

we-the-peopleIt has been a tumultuous first month of 2017 and continues to roll straight into February. What am I doing and what I have done? I have written to my legislators, one of them is the great Chuck Schumer, to voice my concerns about Constitutional Rights as well as the future for “earned benefits” we older citizens have worked to receive. I have written to the President as part of a mail blast from all over the country, and have shared information with other like-minded ladies.

Yes, I do remember the 1960s and 1970s and they don’t seem as bad as the way things are now. We wanted to end the war, and here we are 40-50 years later still wanting a war to end.

As an avid reader and a writer, I tune out sometimes into another realm to help stay sane. Happy New Year Elder Chicks and may all of us see a loving Valentine’s Day.

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