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EstherJanuary 21st is my mother’s 110th birthday.  She lived to be a month short of 97.  When she turned 90 she suddenly became much more open about “admitting” her age, something people were more reticent about when she entered what was thought of as old age. Why? Mother said, “I don’t really mention it to my neighbors in the apartment building, but I really like telling younger people. I think it’s good for them to see it’s possible to be in your nineties and have all your marbles.” Fortunately, she had them until the very end.

I think of that today because I just had an instructive lunch (they usually are) with an older friend who will be 89 this year.  She is very active: physically, socially, and professionally – and appreciates the fact that she is. What she doesn’t appreciate is having younger people say, “You’re my mentor.” Shirley says, “I’m not anyone’s mentor; I reject having any responsibility for other people’s lives; I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher or guide. I even try not to give unasked for advice to my own family.” (more…)

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New Year's Resolution

  • Lose 10 lbs by walking, eating less and exercising more!
  • Spend more time with my granddaughter, who is 10, after a 3 year lapse because of a bitter divorce.
  • Looking foward to going back to OLLI Lifelong Learning Classes in March.
  • Trying to finish a family history project about my uncle who was killed in the Hurtgen Forest WWII in Germany for publication in a genealogy magazine.

Let’s hope I succeed!

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Dear Thelma & Barbara,

Thank you for your most informative book. I’m so proud to have been mentioned three times. Thank you!

This is the 100th year for me since I was born in 1914 and this is an entirely different world today. I remember that when I was a child we could play in the street since there hardly ever was any traffic other than horse and wagon. We were the only household in a building housing 15 apartments that had a phone. When neighbors needed to phone my parents allowed them to use ours. They always left five cents on the library table. We lived in N.Y.C. in upper Manhattan in the Washington Heights district and no one ever locked their door. The subway & street cars cost five cents & the 5th Ave. bus was 10 cents. I could go on with the differences/improvements but we all know them. I’m now compiling my memories which start in 1919. Hopefully you will get a copy – hopefully in 2014.

With best wishes for your continued success and with my LOVE,

Thelma aka giraffe

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2014goalsThis year at age 68, in fact in just four days, I will be having surgery to remove excess skin from my 200 lb. weight loss. I am looking forward to more freedom of movement to enjoy my safari in Africa in October, my 50th high school reunion in July, and hiking in my beloved Big Horn mountains when I return home to Wyoming after spending the winter in AZ. (more…)

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