Spring has sprung! How about you? Are you sensing the opening, the new beginning that April brings?  How does April feel in this second Covid Spring?   Does it bring an awakening?  Do you have the urge to plant something and watch it grow?  Are you ready to emerge from wherever you’ve been these past long months?  For some of us, newly vaccinated, these first steps into spring feel tentative but very welcome.  How about you?  Please tell us.

Spring has sprung, until we got a cold snap here in SC. My little snow peas are coming up so beautifully, I hope the freeze doesn’t hurt them.  

I love working in my yard as the days get longer and warmer. Cleaned out my planting beds and hostas and lillies are starting to come up. Not blooming yet. I hope the freeze does not hurt them also. Oh, South Carolina springs can be so changeable. Next week we will be pushing the 80’s. And I will be out digging in the dirt again.

And yes, being fully vaccinated has also allowed me to feel a bit more free about getting out, carefully, and gratefully.

Spring has definitely sprung in upstate NY! Last weekend was georgous, spent time raking and setting up my portable greenhouse! 

My energy level has significantly increased since receiving the vaccination! So much to look forward to, great warmth of the sun, nurturing flowers and veggies, in person visits…a sense of renewal is in the air!

Wanted: Aviation Rescue Swimmer. Hmm, searching searching for my life vest. This is one of the jobs posted on my part time job search! Also, police officer, ambulance driver, RPN, dentist, doctors and my favorite – dock worker and long haul flatbed driver ($75,000). Does anyone actually read resumes because anyone that graduated high school in 1965 will not be leaping out of a helicopter in raging seas on a rescue mission! (Years past it would have been a thought.) Sandwich maker? Nope. Receptionist? What am I looking for…have no idea but none of the above!  I may not be finding my part time dream job but I am totally entertained by the thought of jumping out of helicopters or arresting bank robbers at 74!! No matter the times, life does offer comic relief.