When ElderChicks started, Bobby Fleisher and I could seriously ask, “What’s a blog?” and not have our question met with surprise. Blogging was just establishing a foothold in online communication. Since then it has spread to the degree of becoming so commonplace that it is now being overtaken by podcasting.  

While today’s typical blog is the vehicle for one person’s platform, the focus at EC has always been you who write and read here. Although a monthly topic is offered, any other (except partisan politics) has always been welcome. Offers/proposals for commercial connections have all been refused.  Expression and connection, enriching each other’s lives are the point.  

ElderChicks has retained its character, still a place where mostly women and occasional welcome men express ideas about many aspects of life. It is still a place to write about anything, still a place where both online and some off-line friendships have formed, still a place where we know that hundreds of people who don’t write make sure to read what we say, and still a place, therefore, where minds and sentiments connect and sometimes encourage or inspire each other, as Elissa Jung just did with her May post.

This month, as I am astonished and grateful to celebrate my 88th birthday, I ask the headline question: Would you like our blog, ElderChicks, to continue? As always, it is up to you. Please click here to tell us.

I recently made a personal “time capsule” for the pandemic year 2020/21 in which I put the link of the Google Drive in which I have my photos uploaded…so when this capsule will be opened (I have sealed it to be opened only after 2060), then my descendants will be able to get a feel of my life story…I also put all the new things and experiences I had during this pandemic year 2020to 2021…

My husband died a year and a half ago and my family has suggested that I move from this large apartment. I am not doing that because I love walking through every room to reminisce on the mementos of our extensive travels and purchases. When sad, I just think how grateful I am for those trips. With my children, nine grandchildren and one great-grand son, at 88 I certainly have a lot to be grateful for.

Keep up your good work with Elder Chicks because so many people depend on you.

I’m 71, widowed since May 2017, I have a tremendous amount of photos in a large bin and various photo albums. I felt that no one was interested for a while besides myself, until I was on a family video call and the subject of pictures came up and my children and grands expressed an interest in them. I had and still shrink from going thru them because it becomes painful for me when I go down memory lane.

I have decided to do the task of organizing into family groups and gift them to them, labeling with correct year and a comment or two if I can remember so that they can put into their own family albums. I used to think I would need to keep copies of each photo I gave away, but no longer do I feel that way, the memories are enough for me now.
Pictures ones of my husband and myself, I’m not sure exactly what to do with them but will work it out going alon

I know that memories are etched in our minds and our hearts, and everyday walking this pathway now alone I am becoming convinced that we will take them with us wherever our next destination is in some manner.
Peace and blessings to all of us in this Journey of Life!

I had a wonderful experience this year. To start with, I’ve had a first cousin, 11 years older than myself, who I have never met. She left home at 18, and married at 20, leaving NYS, where both of us had lived. When I finally located her last address, I discovered that she had died. I knew nothing about her life.

This year, my niece took one of those saliva tests to find out about her ancestry. As a result, she heard from a man in California, who said that he believed that he was related to her. Well, that man turned out to be my cousin’s oldest child- the oldest of 5. His name is Art, and he and I have become fast e-mail friends. We have exchanged dozens of photos, as well as info. We’ve learned so much about our backgrounds- going back to great grandparents. The photos that I have received are treasures for me, and he feels the same. I am so glad that both of us saved those pictures. I am 84, and trying to empty my house. Art is 74. I have no children. I feel that I have found family. Something I need at this time.