For over a year, most of us have been traveling in our heads, on computers, in our imaginations, and in our memories.  Now that much of the world is opening up for actual travel again, are you thinking about it?  Let’s share trips to places we’ve been and would love to see again.  What about those you’ve never visited and hope to?  Or is vicarious travel now satisfying in unexpected ways?

Sitting at my computer while taking a walking tour in France is a delightful experience, I find.  The time of the pandemic just happens to have coincided with some changes in my own stamina and agility!  Virtual travel looms large in my future now that I’ve learned about it.

What has travel meant in your life, whether real or in your heart and mind?  Where?  Why? Tell us.

I was 18 months old when my brother was born.I had been born in Southern California,as was my older brother. Larry would start school in Ferndale,Ca and I a year later in Bridgeport,Conn. We lived the life of a tumbleweed. We were a Navy family. We went across country 4 times, by car...in the 60s. I've set down roots only to have to yank them up again. Yet I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's sheer wonder to lay in the back of a station wagon and see the moon and stars so close you feel like you could touch them.
There is a place on I-40. Maybe a small strip mall, or tourist place up some rocks. It's got horse statues like sentinals. The only thing I could see from the road was a sign "Storyteller."I wanted so badly to hear a story from a bonafide storyteller. But Dad couldn't stop. He had to "make time". Years later my husband wouldn't stop either. Maybe someday. 
We stopped traveling when I was 12. I would later move out of home and state. There have been more moves. But I'm home at last. We bought our own home. At last all my boxes are unpacked.

Ready to travel!

I am planning a trip for the Winter!

A friend in California going through chemo, post surgery, and I have been planning this trip for a long time. I can only go on a cruise ship, if and when cruise ships are allowed to sail to Cuba again. JUst the planning is giving us an investment in a brighter future! I was in Cuba for a historic week, a day after Fidel Castro died, and at the time, I had hoped to come back. If it is meant to be, it will happen. And, I will tell about our experiences here.

Spring has sprung, until we got a cold snap here in SC. My little snow peas are coming up so beautifully, I hope the freeze doesn’t hurt them.  

I love working in my yard as the days get longer and warmer. Cleaned out my planting beds and hostas and lillies are starting to come up. Not blooming yet. I hope the freeze does not hurt them also. Oh, South Carolina springs can be so changeable. Next week we will be pushing the 80’s. And I will be out digging in the dirt again.

And yes, being fully vaccinated has also allowed me to feel a bit more free about getting out, carefully, and gratefully.